Will Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker crack Marvel’s Avengers Endgame’s Records?

Will Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker crack Marvel’s Avengers Endgame’s Records?

The Recently Released Movies “Joker” And “Avengers: End Game” Both are Big Blockbusters. But the question is Will “Joker” be able to Beat the “Endgame” In Boxoffice Collection?

In the Superhero World fans Are Divided As Marvel’s Fans and DC Comic’s Fans. The Recent Released Movie “Joker” Starring Joaquin Phoenix is Blasting The Film Industries with its Increasing Rating.


With a 9.6 Rating on IMDB, Joker might be able to cross the overall collection of Recorded History. Because of the Talented Actor Joaquin the Rating are at its peak.

The Fans Of “Joker” Movie are going Crazy all over the world to watch the movie as soon as possible. The Movie is Released on October 4, and since then All the Theatres are packed Full with DC Fans.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

Box Office Pro has updated the Fans that The First-weekend Collection of Joker will be Over $100 Million. At These Enraging Popularity and increasing Rating, the Movie might crossover Endgame’s Collection within 4 Months.

The “Joker” Movie premiered in Venice International Film Festival Received 8 Minutes STanding ovation as a token of appreciation.

Many Actors played the role, but nobody was near Heath Ledger’s Legendary Acting. The story is about a Failed Stand-up Comedian taking a path of crime and Terror. He creates Chaos In Gotham City.

Well, If we Talk About Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame,” It is one of the Movies that loved across the world. The movie is based on Superheroes Team Up to Save the world against the Thanos known as Powerful villain in Marvel World.

The Epic Movie “Avengers: Endgame” earned Overall Boxoffice collection of $2.8 Billion and Still increasing. Fans have watched the Movie Repeatedly in the Theatres.

Has “Joker” Movie the Capacity to crush Rating of “Avengers: Endgame”? Tell Me What You Think?

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