How To Register Mobile Number In Iqama

Iqama is an identification document issued by the government of Saudi Arabia to foreign nationals living in the country. It serves as a permit to work, rent accommodations, and use other public services.

It is important to register your mobile number in your Iqama in order to access the available services and receive important notifications from the government. In this article, we will discuss the process of registering your mobile number in Iqama.

What is Iqama

Iqama (also known as Mouqeem in Saudi Arabia) is a residence permit issued to foreign nationals living in Saudi Arabia. It functions like an identity card and must be shown when traveling within the country, conducting financial transactions, renting or buying property, and other important tasks.

The Iqama also contains important information such as its holder’s profession, employer, nationality, and address.

Iqama registration requires that all pertinent information about a foreign national residing in Saudi Arabia be collected and stored in the government’s database for monitoring purposes.

This includes foreign passport numbers, mobile numbers, addresses and copies of the Iqama holder’s signature. The aim is to ensure that only those holding a valid residency permit can stay in the country.

Registration with Iqama generally takes place at either an immigration office (Jawazat) or the Ministry of Labor Services Office (MOL). This can be done by bringing your original passport plus two copies of it and two passport-size photos to either one of these offices.

After successful registration of all necessary documents and personal data to Iqama, you will be required to register your mobile/cell number with the Ministry of Interior’s MOI portal so that you can receive alerts from them via SMS.

By registering your mobile/cell number into the MOI portal you will receive SMS notifications related to visa status expiration dates such as renewals, multiple entry visas extension, etc., warnings against any possible fines within the Kingdom due to violation or overstaying on visa, etc., and visitors visa applications if applying for visitors visa through MOI Portal, etc.

You will also receive other SMS notifications related to traffic issues if any violation is reported by the government like traffic fines and speed limits that you have exceeded during driving etc.

Therefore it is recommended for all ex-pats located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should register their valid cell/mobile numbers with MOI Portal at the earliest before leaving Kingdom or after arriving for new jobs within KSA territories for smooth-running residency status updations alerts from time to time regularly.

How to check the Iqama status

If you need to check your Iqama Status or look up certain Iqama details, you can do it easily online by visiting the Ministry of Interior E-Services website. An Iqama is an identification document issued by the government of Saudi Arabia to foreign workers and their family members.

The Iqama includes information such as nationality, residence permit expiry date, and any sponsor-related data. All individuals who reside in Saudi Arabia (i.e., all ex-pats and their families) need to register themselves through the Iqama system with their sponsors (employers or sponsors).

Checking your status is a relatively straightforward process, with only a few steps:

1. Visit the Ministry of Interior E-Services website at
2. Open the “My Number” tab from the left side menu.
3. Select “Check ID card Status” from this tab.
4. Enter your ID Card number or Passport number in their respective boxes.
5. Click “Inquire��.
6. Your status should be displayed on the screen, including details related to validity, expiry date, and other important information as per what is available in your registered profile.
7. If needed you can click on “Print Inquiry” to take a printout of that particular query result.

Registering Mobile Number

Registering a mobile number in Iqama can be a simple process. To start with, you will need to have the IMEI number of the device you want to register with your Iqama and an active Iqama. Once you have these two pieces of information, you can follow the steps in this article to register your mobile number.

What documents are needed

When registering your mobile number in Iqama (Saudi ID), it is important to make sure you have all the required documents and information available. All applicants must be at least eighteen years of age and must provide:

-Iqama or valid equivalent document (passport)
-A copy of the transfer agreement form
-A copy of your valid ID card or passport showing your photograph and current address
-Your original local network operator (LNO) SIM card with the active mobile number printed on it
-Valid proof of residence, such as a rental or ownership agreement, utility bill, etc.

Once all documents have been submitted and accepted, your application can proceed further. An activation fee may be applicable depending on the LNO selected.

How to register a mobile number in Iqama

Registering a mobile number with your Iqama is important in order to take advantage of many of the services offered by the government such as e-government, government SMS notifications, and registering for the MOI Absher application. Here are the steps you should take in order to register your mobile number in Iqama:

1. Log on to the Electronic Inquiry System (Tuwin) using your Iqama ID and Password at

2. After logging on, click “Change Mobile Number” from the list of options displayed onscreen.

3. Enter a valid mobile number (it needs to be an active line in Saudi Arabia). Then, confirm that number by typing it once more before submitting it. You will receive an SMS with an activation code So please check your phone regularly for any incoming messages.)

4. Enter the code after successfully receiving it into the box provided onscreen, then click “activate” to submit it along with your mobile number update request – wait for confirmation of the success or failure of this process and read any further instructions carefully if applicable).

5. You will also get a notification email within 24 hours after successfully updating your Iqama profile with the new mobile number by MOCI E-Government system (Tawtheeq) which will serve as confirmation of the successful update process as completion status.

Mobile Number Verification

Mobile Number Verification is a process that requires individuals to enter their mobile numbers to verify their identity. This process is mandatory for those who wish to register for an Iqama, the official ID card issued by the Saudi Arabian government.

By verifying your mobile number, you can ensure that your identity is secure and that your personal data is kept safe. Let’s take a look at the steps that you need to take in order to complete the registration process.

What is the activation code?

The activation code is a unique numerical code sent to the mobile device of an individual in order to verify their ownership of the device. This prevents unauthorized access or use of the device by someone other than the authorized user. In some cases, this code may be sent out via SMS or email, while in other cases it may be generated by the phone itself.

Once a correct activation code has been entered into the phone, it is normally verified against a pre-stored list of activation codes and features of a particular handset. This verification helps to ensure that only genuine users are accessing and using the mobile device.

It is important to note that once an activation code has been verified and accepted, any unauthorized changes or attempts to alter that specific handset can be blocked from taking place by using various security measures put in place by service providers or other companies involved with protecting users’ data privacy and security.

How to verify mobile number

Mobile number verification is an important process for ensuring identity and data protection. It can be accomplished in a few simple steps and provides customers with added security as well as a more streamlined user experience.

The process starts by requesting permission to verify the user’s phone number. The permission request must be explicitly stated with clear instructions on what data will be collected during the verification process. After the user grants permission, the verification process begins by sending a one-time passcode via SMS or email to the customer.

The customer then inputs this code into your app, website, or service to verify their identity and confirm their mobile number. To maintain secure data protection, the customer should immediately delete or discard their one-time passcode after submitting it.

If you suspect that someone else may have inadvertently accessed the passcode, contact your IT team for additional guidance on how to handle potential identity fraud issues.

Finally, if you need to comply with regulations regarding customer identification (such as KYC in FinTech services), consider including additional layers of authentication such as biometric scanning or two-factor authentication systems during this step of the registration workflow.

Additional Information

Registering your mobile number in your Iqama is a simple process. However, there are some important pieces of information you should be aware of before registering your mobile number in your Iqama.

This article will provide you with the steps to register your mobile number in your Iqama and will also provide you with additional information to help make the experience seamless.

How to add more mobile numbers to Iqama

Adding additional mobile numbers to your Iqama is a relatively simple process if you are already registered with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). If you have never registered with the GDRFA, please refer to their website for instructions on how to do so.

Once you have completed your registration, here is a step-by-step guide to adding additional numbers:

Step 1: Visit the nearest GDRFA center or their online portal to obtain details about their current policies. You will need to provide identification documents such as your passport and Iqama copy.

Step 2: Pay any applicable fees for the services provided by the GDRFA. These can vary from center to center and according to what services you require.

Step 3: Once these costs have been paid, you will be provided with a form that requires details such as your name, address, nationality, and mobile number that need to be added.

Step 4: Fill in this form with the correct details or information requested and submit it along with supporting documents as required by GDRFA.

Step 5: Upon assessment by the GDRFA team they may provide approval of new mobile numbers addition or they may ask for extra documents if required. Once all necessary documents are received, they will approve the change and add a new number in your Iqama record specifying when it was updated along with an update code for validity verification purposes at any time.

What are the benefits of registering a mobile number

Registering your mobile number can help protect your account from fraudsters and ensure the safety of your information. It also helps keep you up-to-date on important account activities, such as when a transaction is made or when a balance changes.

Additionally, it can be used to verify identities, as well as send and receive important account communications.

By registering your mobile number with an account, you may be eligible for some benefits, such as being able to access certain services or being eligible for discounts or special offers. You may even be able to set up text alerts to let you know when certain activity takes place on your account.

Additionally, many companies offer two-factor authentication for added security protection. This requires entering a one-time use code sent to your charged phone before granting access to an app or service.


Troubleshooting for registering a mobile number in iqama can be challenging. Knowing the right steps to follow and understanding the process is key to successfully registering your mobile number. Here we will discuss the four key steps to troubleshooting this process and help you get your mobile number registered in iqama.

What to do if the mobile number is not registered

If your mobile number is not registered with your account, you may be unable to access some features of the account or make payments. To rectify this issue, first ensure that the number you are providing is correct. In case of any mismatch, please register a new mobile number and link it to your account.

For further assistance regarding this issue, contact the customer service helpline or visit the nearest physical outlet associated with the account provider. Make sure to carry any one of your photo identification proofs such as a driver’s license, Aadhaar card, or passport while visiting the outlet. Once they verify your identity, they will help you to resolve this issue quickly and effectively.

What to do if the mobile number is not verified

If you have a problem verifying your mobile number, there are several steps that you can take to try and resolve the issue.

First, check if the mobile number you’re trying to verify is correct and that it is associated with your current address. If not, try using a different phone number or ask for help from customer service.

Next, make sure that your device is connected to a secure Wi-Fi network or has a strong mobile signal so that the verification process has enough time to complete without interruption.

If you’re still having difficulties verifying your mobile number, it may be worth trying again at a later date when connections are less busy or using an alternate device if one is available. Additionally, it could be worth contacting customer service for further assistance with setting up the verification process.

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