Date A Live Season 4: Television Giant Series

Japanese multi-genre series Date A Live announced their fourth Season. They are getting good with the previous seasons. The next season will also feature Sci-fi, Romantic and Comedy Genre. There is a novel; with name Date A Live. So, Date A Live Series adopted from that novel.

Date A Live Season 4
Date A Live Season 4

The First Season of Date A Live was premiered in April 2013. Series touch their mark as soon as all episodes were released. Then quickly they are back with the following Season 2. Date A Live series will five seasons long, three of them are released. Season 4 will release in early 2021, and then Season 5 will release in 2022. All seasons will available as an English dubbed version too.

Adopted 16-year-Old boy Shidou Itsuka is the main character of Date A Live and he continues in Season 4 also. This is the confirmed news by the creator that, they will make the following season with Shidou. Along with Shidou, her 14 year Old Sister Kotori Itsuka will join the Season 4. She performs the role of Commander. In Season 4, she is the commander of Rataoskr, which is the Anti Spirit Organization. The First Spirit member of Rataoskr is Tohka Yatogami, who first met with Shidou. Another cast of Date A Live Season 4 is Origami, Yoshino and Miku Izayoi.

What is that element that loves the most to his audience?  The show is written with some unique way to mix up the multi-genre. The concept of modified dating of the series is interesting. Shidou forcefully has to date someone; this is the craziest part till now. Shidou has to save the world that’s why he has to date people, which makes it interesting.

People who have seen the previous season they knew that Series is based on dating. Show consumes a total of 30 years of story in five marathon seasons. There are many exploitations happens between this. One familiar disaster is Spacequake; because of this 150 Million People are lost their life. And people don’t know the origin of the Spacequake, Even sciences also included researching it but they couldn’t find it.

Now Show is progressed with the main character Shidou and her sister, they live in Tokyo. Then another Spacequake disaster happens, Shidou rushes to save his sister. Eventually, he caught up by the Antagonist side. Now Shidou set a mission with his spirit squad to save his sister. What will happen next?, how they survive?, for this part, you have to watch Season 4, which will release in early 2021.

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