Jamestown Season 4: Will There Be Another Season?

The English colonization of the Americas can be traced back to the 17th century in the British period piece “Jamestown.” Based on historical events, it tells the account of the Virginia Company’s 1619 decision to recruit unmarried women “to make wives” for the colony.

It opens with a narration of the events at Jamestown in 1619 and was written by Bill Gallagher and produced by Carnival Films, who were also responsible for developing “Downton Abbey,” which was eventually renewed for a film adaptation. The story follows the pioneering British colonists as they try to build a new society in North America. Three strong British women are among the first Europeans to set foot on Virginian soil. The first episode of Season 1 of ‘Jamestown’ aired on Sky One in the United Kingdom on May 5, 2017, and on PBS in the United States on May 3, 2018. From November 21, 2018, through January 7, 2019, Season 2 was broadcast on PBS. The third season debuted on April 26, 2019, on Sky.

Jamestown Season 4 Renewal Status

The makers of the period drama Jamestown announced the show’s cancellation when the third season premiered in June 2019. The show’s director, Cameron Roach, recently stated in an interview that season three will serve as the series finale. Numerous feelings, in addition to excitement and adventure, are present. However, after Season 3, that’s all!

Sky One may have decided to end the show after its third season, but that doesn’t mean it can’t return at some point. A fourth season of Jamestown could arrive on Netflix or another streaming service. Having said that, we feel obligated to inform our devoted audience that, while technically feasible, the likelihood of this occurring is extremely low.

Jamestown Season 4 Expected Release Date

The show’s previous seasons have been enormous successes, but the future plans for the show don’t look so promising. The producers have no intentions to continue the show for a fourth season when season three concludes in 2019. However, there were suspicions that season 3 would be the last one for Jamestown, and it turns out that those allegations were true. As a result, season 4 of this show will not have a set premiere date or airing schedule.

Jamestown Season Recap

The first three seasons of ‘Jamestown’ are now available. The plot is mostly inspired by actual occurrences. The fictional Central European town of Jamestown is based on the real-life Jamestown in Virginia. In truth, the producers of the show have made great efforts to accurately depict the setting of the city. The creators have studied historical archives and consulted a variety of experts to accurately portray the Native American Pamunkey people. The British colony of Jamestown was founded on the outskirts of the Virginian wilderness in the seventeenth century.

The time period of the show is 12 years after the Jamestown colony was discovered. Season one of Jamestown begins in 1619 when Alice, Jocelyn, and Verity travel to England to wed their respective fiancés. When they finally get to England, they had no idea how drastically their lives are about to alter.

The arrival of these ladies in Jamestown heralds the beginning of a power struggle that will affect everyone from the governor down to the workers. As time goes on, they realize that they can’t rely on anyone but each other for help. Season 2 continues the story from Season 1. It depicts the history of everyone who settled at Jamestown. There are multiple incidents of betrayal, murder threats, and kidnapping throughout the show. Tobacco plantations are shown to be a lucrative business for their owners.

The show’s newest and third season explores the colonists’ lives in greater depth as they experience new adventures. Diplomacy, power, love, and everything else in between are at the center of this. In Season 3, we witness the Tobacco industry at its pinnacle and flourishing. In Season 3 of Jamestown, however, the established colonists face new challenges. There is rising hostility between the English and the Pamunkey tribe. This show has a lot of useful information. The colonists will stop at nothing to consolidate their power.

Jamestown Cast and characters

  • Naomi Battrick as Jocelyn Woodbryg – Betrothed and married to Samuel Castell
  • Sophie Rundle as Alice Kett – Farm girl betrothed to Henry Sharrow but married to his brother Silas
  • Niamh Walsh as Verity Bridges – Betrothed and unofficially married to Meredith Rutter
  • Max Beesley as Henry Sharrow – Eldest brother of the three Sharrows
  • Gwilym Lee as Samuel Castell – Recorder to the Virginia Company of London in Jamestown
  • Jason Flemyng as Sir George Yeardley – Virginia Company of London Lieutenant-Governor and later Governor
  • Claire Cox as Temperance Flowerdew, Lady Yeardley – Wife of Sir George Yeardley
  • Dean Lennox Kelly as Meredith Rutter – Owner of the tavern of Jamestown
  • Shaun Dooley as Reverend Michaelmas Whitaker
  • Stuart Martin as Silas Sharrow – Middle brother of the three Sharrows
  • Steven Waddington as Thomas Redwick – Marshal of Jamestown
  • Matt Stokoe as James Read – Blacksmith/swordsmith/farrier/forger/craftsman
  • Burn Gorman as Nicholas Farlow – Secretary of the Virginia Company of London in Jamestown
  • Luke Roskell as Pepper Sharrow – Youngest of the three Sharrow brothers
  • Ben Starr as Dr Christopher Priestley – Physician/surgeon/apothecary
  • Tony Pitts as Edgar Massinger – Land owner and tobacco grower
  • Patsy Ferran as Mercy Myrtle – Servant girl of Samuel Castell and maid to Jocelyn Woodbryg
  • Kalani Queypo as Chacrow – Native Indian go-between the settlers and Pamunkey Indians
  • Raoul Trujillo as Opechancanough – Chief or King of the Pamunkey Tribe
  • Abubakar Salim as Pedro – Kingdom of Kongo Angolan warrior who is captured and sold into chattel slavery by the Portuguese but captive by the English
  • Abiola Ogunbiyi as Maria – Kingdom of Kongo Angolan married with children who are captured and sold into chattel slavery by the Portuguese but captive by the English
  • Rachel Colwell as Winganuske – Chacrow’s sister married Henry Sharrow as a gift
  • Ben Batt as Willmus Crabtree – A mysterious trader from England with his motives and intentions unknown
  • Harry Grasby as Tamlin Appleday – One of the boys sent from England by the company to work the fields

Jamestown Trailer

Here’s the third season of ‘Jamestown’ official trailer while we wait for season 4 news. Below, you can view the link.

Jamestown Season 3 Rating

Although it is based on the true story of a thriving Virginia town, the show’s success has surprised many. Even though the Jamestown story is well-known, the show’s audience should have given it a more enthusiastic reception. The reviewers and viewers have been kind to Jamestown, and the show has been rewarded with a 6.7 rating out of 10 on IMDb.

Is Jamestown worth watching?

The show does a decent job of telling the fascinating historical tale that is Jamestown. Jamestown does a great job at telling the story, from the politics to the show’s central aspect. Regardless of the reception Jamestown has received, the show ought to get another chance to establish the quality of the content it provides. If you like historical dramas, Jamestown is a wonderful show to watch.

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