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Netflix at last it has revealed all the news that will arrive in its catalog in May 2021, among which titles such as the superhero series ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, the zombie movie ‘Army of the Dead’ or the adaptation of ‘The woman in the window’ stand out, but there are many more titles that we are going to review below:

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‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

Based on the comic by Mark Millar, its story revolves around how the first superheroes give up the baton to their children to discover that they are not up to them. Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade and Matt Lanter lead the cast.

7 mayo



Produced by Ryan Murphy and starring Ewan McGregor, it is a miniseries about the famous designer who became a benchmark during the 70s and 80s. Krysta Rodriguez, Rory Culkin, Rebecca Davan, Sullivan Jones, David Pittu and Gianfranco Rodriguez complete their cast.

14 mayo

The 17 best Netflix series of 2020

  • ‘Selena: The Series’ Part 2: May 4
  • ‘Trash’ T2: May 4
  • ‘Navillera’ T1: 4 mayo
  • ‘Lava Ka Dhaava’: 5 mayo
  • ‘YooHoo to the rescue’: May 5
  • ‘Girl from Nowhere’ T2: 7 mayo
  • ‘Vincenzo’ S1: May 9
  • The Upshaw Family: May 12
  • Castlevania S4: May 13

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Horror film directed by Alexandre Aja about a woman with amnesia who wakes up inside a cryogenic capsule. In order to get out of there he will have to remember who he is, but the oxygen is running out and his memory is still not working. Melanie Laurent (‘Damn bastards’), Mathieu Amalric Y Malik Zidi are its protagonists.

12 mayo

‘The woman in the window’

Amy Adams headlines this adaptation of the best seller by AJ Finn about a doctor with agoraphobia who spends the day at home watching movies and spying on her neighbors, but one day something strange happens in a nearby house … Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh Y Wyatt Russell They complete the cast of this film directed by Joe Wright.

14 mayo

‘Army of the dead’

The expected return of Zack Snyder to zombie cinema, a genre in which he debuted with the wonderful ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Here the origin of everything takes place in Las Vegas and a group of characters intends to take advantage of the situation to loot the place, but of course, it will not be easy. Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera and Hiroyuki Sanada lead the cast.

21 mayo

The best Netflix movies of 2021 (for now)

  • ‘Ispansi (Spaniards!)’: May 5
  • ‘And tomorrow the whole world’: May 6
  • ‘Monster’: May 7
  • ‘The odometer’: May 7
  • ‘Super Me’: May 9
  • ‘It Is Never Too Late’: 10 mayo
  • ‘The outlaw and his wife’: May 10
  • ‘The dance of the 41’: May 12
  • ‘Ferry’: 14 mayo
  • ‘I am all of them’: May 14
  • ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’: 18 May
  • ‘The Phantom Experiment’: May 26
  • ‘Blue miracle’: May 26
  • ‘Roberto Baggio, the divine coleta’: 26 mayo

All documentaries

  • ‘The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Hell’: May 5
  • ‘Money in a nutshell’: May 11
  • ‘David Copeland: The Man Who Terrified London’: May 26
  • ‘How African Cuisine Transformed America’: May 26

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