“It’s not season 9”

The highly anticipated revival of Dexter will bring the serial killer played by Michael C. Hall ma the showrunner immediately wanted to clarify an important point.

In fact, it will not be a direct follow-up of the events we saw in the Season 8 finale and apparently he should distance himself from the events that happened. A way to create a new starting point that will surely make happy the slice of fans who have been partially disappointed in recent seasons.

In practice we will start over. We don’t want it to be Dexter season 9. It’s been ten years … I don’t know how many years it will be when it airs, but the show will take that time frame into account. As for the conclusion of the series, it will have nothing to do with the original ending, and that represents a great opportunity to write a second final of a series: Showtime has been very courteous about it “, Clyde Philips told a The Hollywood Reporter.

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It’s hard to say how this will translate into the revival. The characters are likely to remain faithful to those of the past, but do not take too much into account the narrative arc of season 8, which actually closed the games quite clearly. A modus operandi, the one chosen by the showrunner, which could prove to be successful, especially since seven years have passed since the end of Dexter.

While waiting for the 10 episodes coming in 2021 we refer you to our special on the revival of Dexter.


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