Special Ops: Lioness: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

The first episode of Taylor Sheridan’s spy thriller series, “Special Ops: Lioness,” debuted on Paramount+ on July 23, 2023. Joe (Saldaa) is a female Marine who is tasked with befriending the daughter of a suspected terrorist while under surveillance by the CIA.

Based on a true story from the United States Military, the series follows Joe as she works as a frontline agent for the CIA in the fight against terror while still juggling her personal life. To help the CIA stop another 9/11 plot, Lioness Program heads Kaitlyn Meade (Kidman) and Donald Westfield (Kelly) recruit Marine Raider Cruz (De Oliveira) to work covertly with Joe. Now that you have an idea of the series’ plot, you should look over the entire release calendar.

Special Ops: Lioness Release Date

On Paramount Plus Sunday, July 23, 2023, the first two episodes of Special Ops: Lioness will be available to viewers. After then, new episodes will drop every Sunday until the entire season’s worth of content is available online.

Special Ops: Lioness Cast

  • Zoe Saldaña as Joe, a CIA Officer in charge of the Lioness program in the field
  • Laysla De Oliveira as Cruz Manuelos, a Force Recon Marine and rookie operative in the Lioness program
  • Dave Annable as Neil, Joe’s husband, and a pediatric oncology surgeon
  • Jill Wagner as Bobby, team leader for the Lioness’s QRF
  • LaMonica Garrett as Tucker, QRF member
  • James Jordan as Two Cups, QRF member
  • Austin Hébert as Randy, QRF member
  • Jonah Wharton as Tex, QRF member
  • Stephanie Nur as Aaliyah Amrohi, the daughter of a suspected terrorist
  • Hannah Love Lanier as Kate, the teenage daughter of Joe and Neil
  • Nicole Kidman as Kaitlyn Meade, a high-ranking CIA official in the Lioness program and Joe’s supervisor
  • Morgan Freeman as Edwin Mullins
  • Michael Kelly as Byron Westfield, a senior CIA supervisor
  • Martin Donovan as Errol Meade
  • Ray Corasani as Ehsan
  • Sam Asghari as Kamal
  • Carla Mansour as Malika
  • Adam Budron as Sami

Special Ops: Lioness Plot

The official trailer for the series premiered on the Paramount+ YouTube account not too long ago, and this is what we thought of it. The story is based on a real-life CIA undercover operation and centers on a team of operatives who learn that numerous terrorists have already broken into their organization and that, while they do discover a few of them, they cannot merely execute them due to a lack of evidence.

The CIA came up with a solution by sending female agents, led by Joe (Zoe Saldana), to talk to the terrorists’ wives and daughters. Once they’ve gotten to know the family and determined who the target is, it’s their responsibility to kill them when they show up there. Joe, on the other hand, has to keep her personal and professional lives in check while also making sure none of the operatives working under her direction quit.

The teaser’s outstanding production values and the mounting suspense in each scene made it feel like a trailer for a feature film. With its Mission: Impossible–esque tone and focus on the spy world, the series finale may be intense.

Special Ops: Lioness Episodes

There are just eight episodes in the first season of Special Ops: Lioness, while a regular Yellowstone season has ten. Paramount+ has aired the first two episodes. The first two episodes of the military drama, “Sacrificial Soldiers” and “The Beating,” respectively written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by John Hillcoat, set the stage for the compelling storyline that would unfold throughout the series. So, we’re down to the final six episodes of Season 1 of Special Ops: Lioness.

Paramount+ subscribers can look forward to weekly releases of the last six episodes of Special Ops: Lioness. There will be plenty of time for fans to process the events of each episode before the next one airs on Sundays at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET.

  • Episode 1 – “Sacrificial Soldiers,” July 23, 2023
  • Episode 2 – “The Beating,” July 23, 2023
  • Episode 3 – “Bruise Like A Fist,” July 30, 2023
  • Episode 4 – “The Choice of Failure,” August 6, 2023
  • Episode 5 – “Truth is the Shrewdest Lie,” August 13, 2023
  • Episode 6 – “The Lie is the Truth,” August 20, 2023
  • Episode 7 – “Wish The Fight Away,” August 27, 2023
  • Episode 8 – “Gone is the Illusion of Order,” September 6, 2023

Where to watch Special Ops: Lioness?

Paramount Plus is Paramount Pictures’ official streaming platform, and it will be the only place where Special Ops: Lioness can be viewed online. We don’t know if our Asian readers will be able to watch the drama on the streaming service, but viewers in the US, UK, Australia, Italy, the Nordics, and Canada can.

The first two episodes will air on TV in the US, but after that, the show will be available only through the streaming service.

Special Ops: Lioness Trailer

Paramount+ released a one-minute online teaser video for the new series on June 8, 2023, showcasing the show’s A-list ensemble, international intrigue, and explosive action. The first extended trailer for Special Ops: Lioness dropped on July 10. The video gives us an overview of the show’s ongoing plot while also promising plenty of action. Here’s a look:

Special Ops: Lioness Filming Locations

Post-production on the series, which began filming in Mallorca, Spain in January 2023, has begun. The spy action thriller series Special Ops: Lioness was rebranded from its original title, Lioness, in May of 2023. Several places in Maryland as well as the Spanish island of Mallorca and the French capital of Washington, DC have supposedly been used for filming.

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