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A mystery drama set in Colombia, It Was Always Me is available online. On June 15, 2022, the series debuted on Disney+ in Spain and Latin America. After Tini Stoessel and Sebastian Yatra’s relationship broke up, Karol Sevilla and Pipe Bueno were cast in their place, and the show’s plot was drastically altered.

The series was shot between March (in Cartagena) and May (in Bogotá) of 2021. Disney+ reportedly ordered the musical thriller series in March 2020. Felipe Cano wrote the script, directed the film, and the producers were Leonardo Aranguibel and Cecilia Mendonça. A second season of the show has been ordered. So, when can we expect to see Season 2? Where do we stand in the plot? Who, if anyone, will reprise their roles? Read on for more information.

It Was Always Me Season 2 Release Date

The first season of It Was Always Me premiered on June 15, 2022, and consisted of 10 episodes. Each episode ran for 40 minutes. It Was Always Me has been renewed for a second season, much to the delight of the show’s devoted following. The show will be revived, and the second season will have a storyline as compelling as the first. The second season is expected to premiere in 2023, but little else is known about it at this time. The full cast, plot specifics, etc. will be disclosed in the near future.

It Was Always Me Story

The events in the first book take place in Lupe’s home country of Mexico. A student, she is. She is in the midst of her journalism studies when she receives the news of his father’s passing and must immediately return home from Mexico. In his native Columbia, her dad is better known as El Faraon. In order to start over in Colombia, Lupe abandons her life in Mexico. Her dad is a big deal in Colombian music.

While in the Colombian city of Cartegena for her father’s funeral, Lupe runs across her father’s helper, Noah. Noah is a young guy shrouded in mystery. Despite her desire to return to Mexico, Lupe remains in Colombia after developing suspicions that the murder of her father was no accident. While she is there, she can put her trust in no one.

Lupe enters a singing competition to overcome her aversion to performing in front of an audience and uncover the truth behind her father’s death. Lupe’s trip is full of intrigue and song. Lupe’s life now also includes a romantic interest. Neither she nor Noah have her trust. That’s the benefactor who gave her a hand. In the Caribbean, she will encounter a secret and must overcome many obstacles to uncover the answers to numerous mysteries.

It Was Always Me Cast

  • Karol Sevilla as María Guadalupe “Lupe” del Mar Díaz Mint
  • Pipe Bueno as Noah Cortez
  • Christian Tappan as Silvestre “El Faraón” Díaz
  • José Julián Gaviria as Felipe “Pipe” Díaz
  • Simón Savi as Charly Fabián
  • Antonio Sanint as Lucas Martin
  • Adriana Romero as Wendy Núñez
  • Juliana Velásquez as Angie Rueda
  • Dubán Prado as Samuel “Sammy“ García Herrera
  • Alejandro Gutiérrez as Kevin Cepeda
  • Katherine Escobar as Mercedes Cepeda
  • Eliana Raventós as Lucía Ibarra
  • Marisol Correa as Cecilia Mint
  • Felipe Botero as Ariel Rozo
  • Esther Sanz as Sofía
  • Melanie Dell´olmo as Zoe
  • Juan David Penagos as Fran
  • Eduardo Pérez as Benjamín

It Was Always Me Season 2 Plot

The plot of It Was Always Me Season 2 has not been revealed as of yet. It will undoubtedly continue from where the first season left off, though. When Mexican journalism student Lupe learns that her father, “El Faraón,” has died, her life is thrown into a state of tremendous upheaval. He will forever be remembered as an iconic musician in his own Colombia. Lupe departs Mexico to attend her father’s burial in Cartagena, Colombia. When she first arrives in Colombia, she meets a strange young man named Noah, who turns revealed to be her late father’s assistant.

Lupe stays despite mounting evidence suggesting her father’s death was no accident. To find out who was responsible for her father’s death, she joins a singing competition. Lupe’s biggest fear is performing in front of an audience, so she’ll have to work through that to do this. She and Noah embark on a dangerous, mysterious, and romantic musical adventure. Nonetheless, Lupe is completely betrayed by everyone she meets, even Noah, and she has a ways to go before she finds the truth at the heart of Colombia’s Caribbean region.

Where to watch It Was Always Me Season 2?

It Was Me is currently streaming on Disney+. I’m assuming the upcoming season will likewise be available on Disney+.

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