Is there a way to play Fortnite from an iPhone or iPad?

Fortnite, one of the most popular games in recent times, was removed last August from the iOS and Android app stores. The reason? Epic Games announced its own payment system in Fortnite that violated Apple and Google rules (dodged their commissions), and they decided remove the game from the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

In the beginning, those who had the game downloaded and installed could continue playing it, but with the arrival of the fourth season everything changed. To play Fortnite, you need the updated version and Epic has not officially released it in either app store. On Android, the solution is to use the Epic launcher, but what about iOS? Is there a way to play? We’ll tell you then.

Neither with Jailbreak … nor with the API file

Since Fortnite was removed from Google Play and the App Store, the game did not update on its own for those who had previously downloaded it. That means, since the Season 3 Battle Pass ended, it is not possible to access the content of the new season and therefore cannot be played.


If you are an Android user, you simply have to uninstall Fortnite from Google Play and install it again from the Epic Games website using its own launcher. That is, go back to what was done before it appeared on Google Play. But of course, precisely that’s where the problem is for iOS: It didn’t have a launcher on Epic before and it doesn’t have one now.

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If you want to download it from the App Store, you will not find it, and if you had previously downloaded it, not only will you not be able to open it, but it will not even appear in the list of purchased apps to revert to an old version of the game.

Jailbreaking the iPhone would be useless because we could only install an outdated version of the game

Okay, let’s try another method: jailbreak to install the latest version of the game. It would also not work because it is not updated to the fourth season of Fortnite. Remember that, as we said before, Epic updates the file every time it launches a new season, and if you don’t have it updated, you can’t play.

Next try: try install pre-crash IPA file. In the same way that we have the Android .apk, .ipa is the file format used for Apple apps on iOS devices. Epic Games allows you to download the Android APK from its installer, but the IPA of the latest version of ‘Fortnite’ is not available, so, in the best case, we could install an older version and, therefore, outdated.

GeForce NOW: our salvation … with trick

Fortnite Ipad

We only have one way: GeForce Now, the video game platform in the cloud that NVIDIA offers us. When the American company developed the version of its service for the Safari browser, many thought that, with it, users of an iPhone or iPad could play Fortnite.

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Currently, the GeForce Now beta for Safari can run on any iPhone with iOS 14.2 or higher, or on any iPad with iPadOS 14 or later, but not all supported games go on those devices. And our great disappointment comes when we see that Epic Games battle royale is excluded from the list of games available on iPhone / iPad from GeForce Now.

Fortnite Ipad 02

But do not spread panic, we found a way to force it. Keep in mind that the method does not always work and that you may have to insist, but it is worth trying: it is the only way to run Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad without having to install applications in parallel:

  • Open Cloudy and click on the small cogwheel icon, bottom left of the screen.

  • Load GeForce page in beta, log in to GeForce (You need an NVIDIA account to use the platform, although you can get one for free) and go back to the Cloudy configuration menu.

  • Copy this link and paste it into the search box. Is he direct link to Fortnite home tab.

  • Try clicking on the ‘Play’ button, you may have to insist or reload the page / session de Cloudy.

Fortnite Ipad 03

In our case, we have tested this system on an iPad Pro with iPadOS 14.4.2 and, as can be seen in the images, it works perfectly, although we repeat that it is an unstable method that can present problems. Another important thing: you need a physical controller to play Fortnite on the iPad or iPhone because it doesn’t support touch controls yet.

However, the date on which the grand trial between Epic Games and Apple will take place will be next may 3, with statement by Tim Cook included. At that point, we will know more about the possible return of Fortnite to iOS (if any part ends up giving in). So now you know: you can wait until then or try to force it with this method.

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