Raising Dion: Netflix Releases The Premiere Date

Netflix Releases The Premiere Date Of ‘Raising Dion’

Netflix Unveils the premiere date and first image look of Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama ‘Raising Dion’ Series. Another Superhero series are joining the Netflix to release its First Season. Netflix has decided the premiere Date of ‘Raising Dion,’ and it will be 4th October 2019. The show is based on the Lui’s Science Comic Book, and he is Executive Producer of the show as well.

Raising Dion
Raising Dion

Cast Lineup for the ‘Raising Dion’ is Jason Ritter, Alisha Wainwright, Michael B Jordan, and Ja’Siah Young. The Rasing Dion is the story of the Single Mother Nicole Reese, Who raises her son Dion after the death of her husband, Mark. Alisha Wainwright plays Nicole Reese, and Michael B Jordan plays her husband Mark’s Character.

Netflix: Raising Dion

While upbringing time of Dion,  Nicole sees that her Son shows some magical Super-heroes like abilities and Power. Then, She is worried about her son’s skills. She keeps those abilities as Secret, to that she takes help of her husband’s friend Pat. Nicole wants to protect her son from enemies because they are trying to figuring out Dion abilities and use it against him.

‘Raising Dion’ Series’s Character Introduction

Nicole is hopeful about her son’s Superhuman ability, and she creates the hectic routine for her son. She wants to maintain the balance in Dion life.  So, once Dion developing the skills of Superhero, She protects him from enemies.

Dion is just an eight-year-old kid. He is mature enough at the early stage of his age. In eight year of age, he is curious about science and superheroes, and he developed himself according to it. When he enters into the new school, he was challenging himself to create Superhuman abilities. At that time, he lost his father and dealt with the trauma at an early age. He suffers a sudden traumatic effect because of losing his father when he needed him the most.

Pat – Best friend of Mark who played by Jason Ritter. He is a bit like a mysterious and misunderstood person. Also, he is passionate about science and comics. Science interest and warmth love of Pat win over Dion’ heart.  Mark and Pat was the best friend since their college time at Columbia. So, Pat is wholly dedicated to Mark’s family after Mark passed away. Nicole and Dion approach Pat like he is a family member.

Jazmyn Simon plays the role of the Kat Neese, and she is the sister of Nicole. She helps Nicole to correct his life after Mark passed away, she helping while parenting. She is supportive all-time in the role of Aunt and Sister.

Sammi Hanney plays the role of Jimenez. She is a bright student and classmate of Dion. And She is suffered from bone disease; also, she has a good knowledge of art. Eventually, Dion realizes that she is his best friend.

Creator and Showrunner of ‘Raising Dion’ are Carol Barbee. Other Executive Producers are Dennis Liu, Kenny Goodman, Jordan, Charles D. King’s MACRO, Kim Roth, Michael Green, and Seith Mann. They have directed the Pilot and following episode of ‘Raising Dion’ Show. And it is produced under the Super Spring Productions.

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