Inou no Aicis: New promo unveils

Inou no Aicis: New promo unveils.

A new promo video was posted on the official site for the original anime Inou no Aicis. The video reveals the cast of voices and indicates that the series will premiere on February 13 through YouTube. It should be noted that this animation project was only announced on January 19.

The cast of voices:

In the series, we will see Jin Ogasawara as Jindou Kiriya, Haruna Asami as Fuuka Minase, Chiyo Tomaru as Chiyo Izumi, and Hikaru Midorikawa as Aka-ude.

Alia will perform the opening song titled “Limit.” In contrast, Tsuyu will perform the closing song titled “Can I become the sun?”.

Given its premiere on YouTube, it is thought that the format will be a series of shorts; however, the presence of both the opening and closing themes could be nullifying that possibility.

Synopsis of Inou no Aicis:

The anime occurs in the fictional Geso neighborhood in Tokyo, a school city where an app called “AICis” is becoming popular.

Those who get the app are given supernatural powers, which they use to pursue their own selfish desires, leading to many cases of violence and other incidents. The story centers on a group of detectives who solve matters related to the holders of power. Stay tuned for the next update.

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