If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

The American soap opera If Loving You Is Wrong first aired on television in 2008. Tyler Perry is responsible for everything from concept to execution. Five amazing seasons have aired since the show’s debut in September 2014. The characters’ interpersonal dynamics and individual trajectories have developed greatly throughout the course of the seasons.

The fifth installment, which dropped in March 2020, has some exciting new developments in the plot. It provides long-awaited resolutions while exposing catastrophic events that have far-reaching effects on the residents of Castillo Lane. With so much occurring in only one season, fans must be wondering whether the compelling drama will return for a second run. Keep reading for some in-depth explanations.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Renewal Status

On March 31, 2020, OWN aired the debut of the fifth season of If Loving You Is Wrong. And the news for fans about the sixth season is not encouraging. The showrunner said the series will end with Season 5 in February 2020, months before the release of the fifth season. Season 6 of If Loving You Is Wrong would not be produced. After Tyler Perry’s contract with OWN expired in 2017, he inked a multiyear deal with the CBS network. This resulted in the gradual cancellation of his OWN programs.

In a subsequent press statement, the network confirmed the cancellation. The statement continues, “We thank Tyler Perry and the outstanding cast and crew for five fantastic seasons of the show. The shocking plot twists that will occur this season will astound viewers. All the drama is as hot and spicy as you’d expect from a Tyler Perry film.

If Loving You Is Wrong Storyline

If Loving You Is Wrong, a popular soap opera on the Oprah Winfrey Network, centers on a group of neighbors, some of whom are friends and others who are enemies. The sensual show follows the characters as they deal with the complexities of love. Randal and Alex, next-door neighbors, start the narrative off by having an affair.

Marcie, Randal’s wife, would want to have a family, but he seems more interested in Brad’s wife. Esperanza, recently divorced, is trying to move on with her life and conceals her relationship with Julius from her ex-husband, Edward. Kelly, who lives down the street from Natalie and her children, fantasizes about marrying Travis. Frank’s mother, Lushion, has come back to town, and Natalie is debating whether or not to let him back into the home now that he is free.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season Cast and Characters

  • Amanda Clayton as Alex Montgomery
  • Matt Cook as Joey Blackman
  • Edwina Findley as Kelly Isaacs
  • Tiffany Haddish as Jackie
  • Zulay Henao as Esperanza Willis
  • April Parker Jones as Natalie Henning
  • Eltony Williams as Dr. Randall Holmes
  • Aiden Turner as Brad Montgomery
  • Joel Rush as Edward “Eddie” Willis
  • Charles Malik Whitfield as Lushion Morgan
  • Octavio Pizano as Julius Escada Jr.
  • Jay Hunter as Ian Glenn
  • Denzel Wells as Travis Cain
  • Dawan Owens as Quan
  • Donovan Christie Jr. as Larry Connlee
  • Brianne Davis as Yolanda
  • Claudette Ortiz as Claudia
  • Jasmine Guy as Mattaline Cain
  • Clayton Landey as Captain Daniel Mackey
  • Sharon Conley as Sally
  • Ryan Haake as Steven Simmons
  • Celine Areu as Mika Willis
  • Chase Wainscott as Peter Montgomery
  • Ashlyn Areu as Paisley Montgomery
  • Timmy Richardson as Justice Issacs
  • Donielle T. Hansley Jr. as Frank Morgan
  • Tari Ayana as LaQuanda Henning
  • Justice Jones as Tenesha Henning
  • Trevante Rhodes as Ramsey Walters
  • Kerry Rhodes as Rick Connor
  • Ruan Martins as Andrew Simms
  • McKinley Freeman as Deon
  • Chris V. Pipkin as Pete Davis
  • Andrea Frye as Louise Holmes
  • Jordan Wiseley as Ben Bryant
  • Debra Stipe as Dr. Raston
  • Grant Mellon as Bennett
  • Gracie McGraw as Tanya
  • Sean Riggs as Terrell

What Happened in the Last Season?

Randal and Marcie’s desire to have a family is established in Season 5. Randal, on the other hand, has his sights set on Brad’s wife. Esperanza, meantime, was attempting to move on from her relationship with Edwards by pursuing Julius. Kelly, on the other side, hopes to marry Travis, while Natalie is juggling single parenthood. Lushion, Frank’s mom, has returned home. And Natalie debated whether or not to welcome her son home after he was released from jail.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Release Date

Season 5 of “If Loving You Is Wrong” debuted on OWN on March 31, 2020. On June 16, 2020, after 12 episodes, it was canceled. The network confirmed the series will be ending after its fifth season’s launch in February 2020. OWN did not provide a reason for the cancellation, although it seems to have been predetermined given that the series finale provides a satisfying conclusion. In addition, after his contract with OWN expired in 2017, creator Tyler Perry inked a multiyear creative collaboration with Viacom CBS. His OWN series is being canceled one by one while he increases development and production at Viacom CBS.

Now you know! Season 6 of “If Loving You Is Wrong” has been canceled. It concluded, though, on a strong note that supporters will appreciate. That leaves us with zero grounds for complaint.

Where is If Loving You Wrong Filmed?

Castillo Lane in Maxineville, Ohio is home to five different couples. However, it is not set in Ohio, and the city of Maxine is entirely made up in honor of Tyler Perry’s own mother. The American state of Georgia serves as the setting for the show’s production. Where in Georgia, however, you may be wondering. These are the actual locations where ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ was shot.

Since the majority of the story takes place on and around Castillo Lane, Maxine rarely leaves the area. Viewers will recognize the Maxine setting immediately. Atlanta, Georgia’s Tyler Perry Studios serves as the show’s principal shooting site. On his Facebook page, Tyler Perry said definitively that filming will take place on the property of his production company.

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