Dragon Ball Super reveals new designs for Granola and more characters

Fans of Dragon Ball Super are still waiting for the day when it is announced that the anime will make his glorious return. The hiatus began after the Tournament of Power Arc, but the story of Akira Toriyama has continued on the pages of the manga.

With the new Arco Granola The Survivor focused on an intergalactic bounty hunter who has an ax to fight with both Freeza and the Saiyan race, it is clear that Goku and Vegeta are going to have a fight in your hands in the near future.

Recently, in the pages of the manga, Granola has become the most powerful being in the universe, thanks in part to making a wish on the Eternal Dragon of his planet. By only needing to gather two Dragon Balls, the dragon was able to grant the bounty hunter’s wish, but at a serious cost.

Granola agreed to only have three more years to live for the power that puts you at the top of the food chain. With the Heeters, a group of evil space criminals, pointing him in the direction of Goku and Vegeta in a plan to take over Frieza’s army for themselves, it’s clear that the Survivor Arc has just begun.

The user of Twitter Herms98 shared these new designs for Granola, the Heeters, and various other Dragon Ball Super characters that have helped make Survivor Arc a worthy follow-up to the Moro Saga that many fans hope to see in the anime.

Granola (Foto: Todd Blankenship @Herms98 en Twitter)
The Heeters (Foto: Todd Blankenship @Herms98 en Twitter)

Granolah’s ties to the Saiyan race have been an interesting contrast added to his character. This new antagonist saw how their race became extinct thanks to the Saiyans under the leadership of Freeza, and it will definitely be interesting to see his newfound power stack up.

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