ID-Invaded Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

ID-Invaded Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

NAZ’s ID-Invaded was an original anime television programme that was created by Tar Maij and Ei Aoki.

The first two episodes of the programme, which debuted in January 2020, were each designed to be hour-long special episodes.

The programme received the simuldub licencing from Funimation. It is a science fiction-themed, thirteen-episode anime drama.

The mystery anime programme centres on the exploits of a detective attempting to crack a case within this virtual setting.

ID: Invaded, a weekly criminal drama anime, made its premiere on Hulu TV earlier this year. The Tokyo MX, BS11, TVA, KBS, or SUN networks in Japan were the first to air the Funimation-licensed series.

The season of the anime, which immediately attracted a worldwide audience, finished on March 23, 2020, in the episode “CHANNELLED II,” and was afterwards televised in 13 episodes.

Ei Aoki is the director of the brand-new sci-fi, detective, and mystery anime Aldnoah. On Zero, Fate, and Zero: Re: Creators, NAZ Studio is currently developing. The manga by Tar Maij, which was serialised in the publication Young Ace, is now being adapted for television in the form of anime.

ID Invaded, a brand-new anime series, astounded everyone with its outstanding achievement last year. It was unquestionably among the year’s top detective dramas.

The first season’s ending had fans begging for more, and they are now clamouring for ID Invade Season 2.

Although it has previously been hinted at multiple times by the designers, the announcement has not yet occurred. Will a follow-up ever be released on film? Read on to discover more.

An original Japanese sci-fi mystery anime series is called ID Invaded. Otaro Maijo wrote the script for the television series, and Studio NAZ was in charge of the animation.

The series, which debuted on January 5, 2020, was directed by Ei Aoki. On March 22 of that year, the 13 episodes that made up the season came to an end. It eventually made its Netflix debut and became viral throughout the world.

ID: Invaded’s first season came to a close in March to positive reviews from the audience. After the anime’s popularity, a side tale was even turned into a manga.

You may recall that this anime was the first of its kind. So it wasn’t a manga adaptation. Nevertheless, it did quite well in spite of everything.

We’ll discuss ID: Invaded Season 2 plus all the pertinent details in this article, including all you need to know right now.

ID-Invaded Season 2 Release Date

ID-Invaded’s first season concluded on a suspenseful cliffhanger. Because of this, everyone’s ears are going completely wild and are eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of ID-Invaded Season 2. They have persisted in asking the creators to provide clarification on the renewal status.

The producers of ID-Invaded Season 2 have been teasing it, so this is good news all all the fans.

A teaser trailer was posted via the official Twitter page for the fans in January 2021, ensuring that additional information about season 2 would undoubtedly be available soon as well.

The identical scenario Twitter account, who fans believe to be the crew of the anime, uploaded an image of the poster on April 2, 2021.

With its teasers, it has been giving away information, so we anticipate an official confirmation of the show’s renewal very soon.

Since there hasn’t been any official word on when it will be out yet, Season 2 should be with us in the early months of 2023. However, with all the clues and teasers that have been leaked thus far, there is a lot of optimism for ID-Invaded Season 2!

ID-Invaded Season 2 Cast

Great explorer Sakaido, whose real name is Akihito Narihisago, had a traumatic history. Up to the terrible death of his beloved daughter Muku, he was a happy spouse and father. Every time he penetrates the mind of a serial murderer, his memory is lost.

A family’s death cannot go undetected, thus Sakaido’s friend as the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department, Funetaro Momoki, totally trusts the detective’s excellent instincts while simultaneously being worried about his friend’s mental health.

Kaeru, a mysterious girl who is always dead, is the first thing that detective Sakaido encounters as he enters the well.

Tamotsu Fukuda, also known as “Perforator,” is the sixth serial murderer that John Walker has encouraged to carry out the murders. The protagonist’s daughter was murdered by Denshin Katsuyama, a serial killer known as the “Challenger” who was strong and wealthy. Denshin killed his victims during boxing matches in which he competed, and his opponents were both powerful and powerless, suggesting that he enjoyed both harming the victim and getting back at them.

John Walker is an enigmatic character who is supposed to be the “creator” of serial murderers owing to his aptitude at entering victims’ brains and convincing them to kill.

ID-Invaded Season 2 Trailer

ID-Invaded Season 2 Plot

People are given permission to visit the human brain, one of the greatest fascinating and complex locations on earth, thanks to a highly developed device called the Mizuhanome device.

The highly trained and specialist detectives from the police squad, Kura, are able to materialise a criminal’s unconscious brain as this strange and odd assortment of ideas in a virtual environment by using “cognition particles” that are left behind after each crime site by the criminal.

Their task is to investigate and elucidate the “id well” of the plane’s psychological seat in order to reveal the identity of the perpetrator. However, only those who have killed someone else before themselves are allowed entry into the id well.

The circumstance for former police officer Akihito Narihisago, better known as “Sakaido,” within the ID wells is comparable. He was once an honourable and well-respected member of the police force, but as a result of the horrific incidents he had to endure, he now finds itself on the wrong side of the law and the legal system.

Two years passed since the serial murderer Challenger shattered the happiness of Akihito Narihisago’s family. He was a great investigator and managed to find and get rid of the guy who brutally beat his daughter.

Akihito was left alone without his thoughts since his wife was unable to deal with the death of the child. in the huge cosmos. In a jail…

In a world where murderers and psychopaths are able to track down their victims time and time again, there is a device that can detect negative mind patterns from a criminal. These specks are still present at the site of the crime.

By progressively accumulating information, experts may create a “well”—a mental image of the mind and psyche of a manic. Those who have already been killed could fit under this group.

Despite the fact that Akihito Narihisago serves a life sentence, his old associate and buddy, Investigator Funetaro Momoki, often solicits professional aid.

Being a murderer himself has given famous investigator Akihito the ability to delve into the “well of reason” and learn more about the killer.

But there’s a catch—once there, he changes into Sakaido, an investigator who can only think of one name—Kaeru. The narrative for the second season has not yet been made public.


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