I Thought Its a Common Possession Chapter 45 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

I Thought Its a Common Possession Chapter 45 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The events surrounding Edith Rigelhof’s wedding day are recounted in the upcoming I Thought It’s a Common Possession Chapter 43.

Her marriage began ill-fatedly with this wedding, full of dysfunction and disdain instead of happiness.

Edith is getting married to a man who despises her. More than out of love or respect, their partnership is based on duty.

The bride and groom’s tension and absence of affection are evident to the wedding guests.

Edith’s depressing circumstances appear to be part of a pattern of bad luck throughout her life. An unsettling emptiness follows the wedding, hinting at more trauma to come.

Her story mirrors the usual storyline line of web novels, which feature women who are unwilling to leave unhealthy relationships.

“Letting Go of the Obsession” is the source of the title of the online novel Edith’s Tale. This implies that she will have to fight to let go of an unhealthy attachment in her story.

As Edith’s story in “I Thought It’s A Common Possession” progresses, readers may probably anticipate learning more about her motivations and past.

The plot of “I Thought It’s a Common Possession,” set in the fascinating universe of the novel, takes an exciting turn when Edith runs across a man from the past who burned her in a previous event.

Things take a gloomy turn when an unidentified stranger snatches Edith’s hand during a nice chat with Killeon.

In a previous episode, this man—who looked to be Edith’s brother—appeared and hurt her.

He is now enraged and resentful of Edith’s apparently blissful existence after traveling to the palace. But Edith is a different person now, and she might approach him directly.

As the manhwa progresses, Killeon’s depressing past comes to light, illuminating his nuanced sentiments for Edith.

Readers eagerly anticipate Edith’s response when she learns Killeon’s genuine feelings.

I Thought It’s A Common Possession, which portrays a distinctive fusion of love, devotion, and self-discovery, has gained a lot of attention since its initial serialization.

I Thought Its a Common Possession Chapter 45 Release Date

The ardent fandom eagerly awaits the publication of Chapter 45 of I Thought It’s a Common Possession. As scheduled, Chapter 45 of I Thought It Was a Common Possession will become accessible on December 12, 2023.

I Thought Its a Common Possession Chapter 45 Trailer

I Thought Its a Common Possession Chapter 45 Plot

Killian thought he understood Edith’s thoughts and sentiments to some extent. Cliff was not going to be convinced otherwise by any amount of logic.

Since Edith is the only one who has interfered with the embroidery threads, she is clearly at fault. As though Cliff had been indoctrinated in some way.

Whatever Lizzy could handle, she probably ruined! If it’s embroidery thread, she could assume it’s okay because she’ll take her time.

Because Edith gave Lizzy tainted embroidery thread, she shouldn’t be held completely accountable.

Killian tried to convince his brother, but in spite of this, his efforts were not in vain. Whatever Cliff’s circumstances, the Duke of Ludwick eventually got over the conviction that had put a thick shell over his ideas.

Even though this was accurate on paper, Edith Rigelhof with her husband were in a planned marriage, as we saw in Chapter 34, the last chapter in I Thought It Was A Common Possession. That was the only thing Edith Rigelhof desired for her spouse, Kilian.

Edith Rigelhof had to undertake something that felt more like a nightmare while she was a Duchy citizen. A chain ended Edith Rigelhof’s last opportunity to be alongside the person she loved.

And like the devil or a snake, Elize Sinclair, whom was always envious, would cling to that unadulterated love.

Kilian, though, felt otherwise. Edith Rigelhof wouldn’t care if she ended up with a person she wasn’t interested in, so he didn’t think she would be envious.

According to him, Kilian was the sole individual who exhibited jealousy and neediness. Kilian tells Edith Rigelhof whether they’re having issues and about Linan.

Kilian is upset when Edith Rigelhof doesn’t respond to him in the manner he anticipated. He starts to doubt Linan even more as a result.

The tragic tale of Edith Rigelhof is carried further in the upcoming Chapter 43 of “I Thought It’s A Common Possession.”

Although they are legally married, she has little regard or admiration for her domineering husband, Kilian.

Edith feels stuck in a terrible role as an integral part of an illustrious Duchy family, and the day of their marriage only serves to confirm this. She no longer has the hope of being again her true love because she married Kilian.

It is also revealed that Edith is being tormented even more by her romantic competitor, Elize Sinclair, who clings spitefully to her honorable ex-lover.

We discovered earlier in Chapter 34 that Edith is submitting to this loveless union due to duty and desperation.

The bride and groom’s disdain for one another is evident to all of the wedding guests. Instead of being a happy celebration of love, it is more of a commercial transaction.

Readers can anticipate more information about Edith’s dysfunctional and unhappy marriage as the novel progresses.

Sadly, stories with this plotline—in which women are helpless to escape the toxic hold of domineering men—are all too common.

We can probably expect additional backstory that explains how Edith ended up in this terrible circumstance.

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