I Thought Its A Common Possession Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

I Thought Its A Common Possession Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The plot of “I Thought It Was a Common Possession” takes an unusual turn when Edith runs across a man from her past who previously torched her.

Things take a gloomy turn when an unidentified stranger snatches Edith’s hand in the middle of a lovely conversation with Killeon.

This individual, who appears to be Edith’s brother, was there in the past and injured Edith.

He has now arrived to the palace, enraged and resentful of Edith’s apparent happiness in life.

Killeon’s tragic past is explored as the manhwa progresses, illuminating his tumultuous love for Edith.

Readers anticipate Edith’s response as they watch Killeon’s true feelings emerge.

I Thought It’s A Common Possession, which depicts a special fusion of love, loyalty, with self-discovery, has gained notoriety ever since it was initially serialized.

The creators have benefited from the untried and unproven method of fusing the time travel with reincarnation genres. The release of I Thought It Was A Common Possession Chapter 32 has been eagerly anticipated by readers.

Along with that, they have included all of the pertinent data from the manga. For more information about this, scroll down. In fact, the first chapter of it began in 2023.

Edith was visited by Killeon in her room. Edith was astonished by Killer’s entrance because she had thought he was with Rizze. Readers will be interested to see Edith’s response to Killeon’s abrupt attitude change.

I Thought It’s A Common Possession’s Chapter 35 will be next. Here is all the information you require on the upcoming chapter. But first, let’s take a look at where the narrative originated.

This would be the Duchal family’s ideal wedding in a traditional setting. However, everyone present at the wedding noticed desire, hate, and disrespect in the guests’ eyes.

With this wedding, it would be impossible to imagine a joyful wedding, regardless of whether you shut your eyes and tried.

The plot opens on the day Edith Rigelhof weds a guy who despises her to the extent that he might actually try to murder her.

I Thought Its A Common Possession Chapter 38 Release Date

I Thought It Was a Common Possession Chapter 38 will be released on October 24, 2023, as promised.

I Thought Its A Common Possession Chapter 38 Trailer

I Thought Its A Common Possession Chapter 38 Plot

We learned that Edith Rigelhof and her husband are in a planned marriage in the final chapter in I Thought It Was A Common Possession, Chapter 34, even though this was accurate on paper. And it was all Kilian Rigelhof’s wife, Edith Rigelhof, wanted for him.

Edith Rigelhof was required to perform a duty as a Duchess that felt nightmare-like. A chain destroyed Edith Rigelhof’s final opportunity to be alongside the person she loved.

And Elize Sinclair, whose was constantly envious, would cling to that unadulterated love like a snake or the devil.

But Kilian had a different opinion. Because Edith Rigelhof wouldn’t care if she was seeing a man she wasn’t interested in, he didn’t believe she would harbor any jealousy. The only person who was envious and clingy, he claimed, was Kilian.

Kilian tells Edith Rigelhof whether there are any issues with Linan. Kilian is upset because Edith Rigelhof doesn’t respond the way he anticipated. This makes him even more skeptical about Linan.

Sarah begins to proudly display her independence by bucking the limitations imposed on her by society. She is determined to move in this direction despite any obstacles that may arise.

Sarah is considerably more likable and thought-provoking now that she has realized her power and resilience.

The reader of I Thought It Was a Common Possession is eager to find out what happens to the characters in Chapter 32.

With each successive installment, the plot gets better, capturing readers’ curiosity. So it goes without saying that the next chapter will also have a fantastic plot.

People are interested in what will happen next and looking forward to it. Major battles to strange alliances are among the spoiler predictions.

Despite knowing it will be challenging and that the outcome of the story cannot be changed, Suna is nonetheless motivated to provide Edith the happily ever after she deserves.

As their favorite characters work through the trials of their relationships and come to terms with their problems, readers wonder whether your favorite characters will have an enjoyable conclusion and find peace.

Edith is the subject of Chapter 36 in I Thought It Was a Common Possession. Suna wishes she could alter her future.

Suna develops into an adult woman by being cautious and considerate to others. At first, Edith doesn’t think Killian has changed, but he gets over it and marries her.

But Killian continues to be fond of the story’s protagonist. Given who she is and the history her family has with him, he doesn’t entirely trust Edith.

But unlike her former self, Edith stands firm and won’t be intimidated. Sophia is told to observe Reeze’s preferences while she is at the estate in an effort to win her over.

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