I Am The Villain Chapter 28 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

I Am The Villain Chapter 28 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

After following Luci for some time, Theodore finally confronted her about it. Now that he knows who she is, he has threatened to reveal her name, which would result in her death before the high court because it is the fate of those who make decisions there.

By acting as she felt would prevent her from turning into the tragic heroine of his book, Luci felt she was doing well.

She may suffer the same destiny as the actual Luci in this tale, but her trust in this isn’t wavering.

Theodore addressing her about it took her completely by surprise, and Luci was taken aback by how severe he was about it.

Though he would not discuss it, she has a lot of questions about why he allowed her to deceive everyone up until this point.

Fans eagerly await the publication of the next I Am the Villain Chapter 23 since there may be significant developments in it that may reveal Luci’s fate.

There is no way of knowing what will happen before the chapter is posted; therefore, it will be difficult to predict as we do not yet have a spoiler in the chapter.

With more than 10 million views, I Am The Villain’s captivating story and artwork have managed to captivate a sizable fan base.

An odd thing occurred inside the Xianglun Divine Land in the previous chapter of I Am the Fated Villain.

The manga incorporates some well-worn clichés, but the artwork is what keeps things moving forward.

The Isekai manga follows Lucy, a reincarnated villain, on her journey through dramedy.

Members of the clan started a secret ritual to surround a shadowy figure they thought to be the progenitor of the Xianglun Divine Land.

Readers and characters alike were captivated by this incident and were keen to solve the secrets that lay beyond the clan’s boundaries.

An interloper named Jiang Yang broke the tense mood when he daringly entered the holy grounds.

While the main character is away, Jiang Yang deftly refines and hides his jealously guarded secret weapon. When Jiang Yang returns, he will probably be furious over this deed.

I Am The Villain Chapter 28 Release Date

The much awaited release of I Am The Villain Chapter 28 will shortly bring the series to a close. Chapter 28 of I Am the Villain will be available this week on December 4, 2023.

I Am The Villain Chapter 28 Trailer

I Am The Villain Chapter 28 Plot

For Lucy, being swept away into a world of ballrooms and picnics isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be—at least not when everyone believes she is the villain who needs to be put to death.

Lucy will have to change from a contemporary workaholic into a high-society schemer if she is to get out of her situation and go home. For the first time in the series, it seems that the manhua is finally open to the notion.

Will she succeed? Or will this world of fine clothing, delicious strawberry sweets, and handsome gentlemen decide her fate?

Change’s problem is that he takes charge of everything by himself and has a big influence on the group as a whole. He has always operated in this way, rarely confronting opponents head-on.

Changge was shocked to find an opponent who seemed to know both his secrets and how to get around them.

Change hesitated at the sight of an answer, as he typically initiates the attacks in his fights. Though she can’t be certain, she has a feeling Changge is a reincarnator just like herself.

We will witness Yue Mingkong’s leadership abilities in action in Chapter 112. Similar to Gu Change, Yue is a reincarnated earthling who transitioned into the realm of fantasy.

Nonetheless, they have a peculiar relationship despite being the two reincarnators in this dimension. Not only is she one of his numerous concubines, but she also possesses a personal globe reference book.

Theodore is still being harsh with Luci in I Am the Villain Chapter 22, grasping her firmly and informing her that it’s finished.

When Noah notices this, he rushes in to assist Luci and pushes Theodore against the wall; Theodore remains silent.

Noah had to comply with Luci’s directions even if he doesn’t want to be terminated. However, the Isekai characters are entitled to whatever that can help them in the new world.

Following Noah’s departure, Luci begins to wonder a lot of questions about how Theodore might find out who she really is. However, before she can respond, Theodore interrupts once more and shares her innermost feelings.

Theodore tells Luci that her time is running out because the true Luci is on her way, even though he doesn’t elaborate on why he kept it a secret from everyone else and allowed Luci to live a lie.

In the last chapter, Lucy found the strength to approach the prince and break off their relationship.

Lucy wasn’t blindsided by the prince’s kingdom’s spectacular grandeur, despite her admiration for it, especially the palace.

Ultimately, she ended her relationship with the crown prince, who was actually kind of relieved to split up with Lucy.

She was traveling back from the palace when she got lost in a maze and ran upon an enigmatic man.

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