Hugh Jackman: The star softens fans in an adorable dance with her adorable dog

Hugh Jackman is melting the hearts of millions of fans around the world after a viral video that sees him starring alongside his beloved four-legged friend, a French bulldog named From there, already known to the followers of the star but now Jackman’s dance partner, as you can also see in the video below.

In fact, in the movie we see the beloved interpreter of Wolverine and the musical The Greatest Showman dancing while holding Dalì in his arms, with a caption that reads: “Yes … yes, I dance with my co-star “. The combination of a very human Jackman holding an adorable dog quite confused and amused, it really ignited the internet, who loves Jackman as much as animals. In short, it could not have been otherwise.

Not all comments have been positive, however, as there is always someone on the Internet ready to do the opposite. Several people have indeed claimed that Jackman he was actually forcing the bulldogghino Dalì to remain in that uncomfortable position and an activity that he really didn’t want to do. The actor obviously did not respond and let these negative and completely tendentious interventions run.

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What do you think about it? Do you like the Hugh Jackman video? Let us know as always in the comments.


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