How We Roll Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?

How We Roll can be described as the modern sitcom that causes us to literally roll on the floor laughing while we beam with pride and satisfaction. On March 31st, this year, the first season will officially debut. The occurrences in the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood served as inspiration for this internationally acclaimed US sitcom.

So the original name was Smallwood. Tom Smallwood, the protagonist of this show, is depicted as a driven individual who abandoned a promising job on a car assembly line in order to follow his passion and become a professional bowler. His perseverance as a husband and parent through difficult circumstances to provide for his family to the best of his skills speaks well of his character. We can’t wait to see what the second season brings, and the finale of the first season only heightens our anticipation.

How We Roll Season 2 Renewal Status

After only one season, CBS decided to terminate How We Roll for good on May 12, 2022. Therefore, the series has no possibility of being renewed by the network, despite having a chance to build a fanbase excited to see more seasons of these shows in order to watch the characters grow and make the episodes more effective each and every passing week, which interested viewers to at least tune into watching the episodes to discover how the show’s creator will deal with these characters. It’s unfortunate that the series will end without delivering on the promise of a new season for fans.

How We Roll Storyline

Tom Smallwood, a professional bowler from Michigan’s suburbs, would be the protagonist of this show. After being fired from his work, he was spotted trying to make a new life for himself and his family by becoming a professional bowler. The dramatic events of his life were presented with a touch of humor. Tom had a lot of people who believed in him and stuck by him through thick and thin: his mom Helen, his wife Jen, and his coach and friend Archie, who let his son and mom dwell and stuck by Tom even when he had nobody else. The connection, the friendship, and the various problems were all shown realistically.

How We Roll Cast and characters

  • Pete Holmes as Tom Smallwood, a laid-off auto worker turned professional bowler
  • Chi McBride as Archie Betts, proprietor of Archie’s Lanes and Tom’s long-time friend/mentor
  • Katie Lowes as Jen Smallwood, Tom’s wife who works as a hairstylist
  • Julie White as Helen Smallwood, Tom’s mother, and Jen’s mother-in-law
  • Mason Wells as Sam Smallwood, Tom and Jen’s son
  • Tahj Mowry as Lew, an employee at Archie’s Lanes
  • Rondi Reed as Ruth, a hair salon owner and Jen’s boss
  • Judy Kain as Mimi
  • Amanda Perez as Tia, Jen’s co-worker
  • Matt McCarthy as Carl, a regular customer at Archie’s Lanes
  • French Stewart as Jacob Powell

How We Roll Season 2 Plot

In the series finale, while Tom is getting ready to compete in the World Series of Bowling, Archie passes out and has to be taken to the hospital. He had a heart attack and needs to go in for surgery to have a stent put in. Tom doesn’t want Archie to feel abandoned, so he suggests he skip his first big tournament. After much discussion, Archie finally convinces Tom that he must take this chance to finally realize their dream. After Tom and Jen have left, Helen and Archie finally admit their feelings for one another. While on the way to the game, Jen breaks the news to Tom that she is expecting the couple’s second child.

There was a potential cliffhanger at the end of the episode that, had the program not been canceled, would have been explored in greater depth, leaving us guessing as to what critical elements or shocks might have been disclosed in later seasons or how the series would have finished. As a result, viewers won’t be able to guess how these personalities have developed.

How We Roll Season 2 Trailer

There has been no official word on when the trailer will be available to us. But at least a week before the second season launch, we should expect to see a preview. On March 11th, 2022, the teaser trailer for the first season was released.

Where to watch How We Roll?

You can watch How We Roll on Paramount+ or FuboTV. Depending on the locale and viewing preferences of the viewer, the series can also be rented or purchased on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. Depending on where you live, you may also view the entire show for free on the CBS website.

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