Big Four Audit Firm Lost $1 Million In Bitcoin. Victims Are Losing Patience

A Big Four Audit Firm Lost $1 Million In Bitcoin. Victims Are Losing Patience

A Big Four Audit lost $1 Million in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. So, QuadrigaCX users are furious against the firm. QuadrigaCX users are losing Patience in front of the Court-Appointed Lawers. Although Court-Appointed Companies are trying to recover the lost amount. Two big names such as Miller Thompson and EY Loses their funds too. Officials are looking for an answer where they are lost a large amount of cryptocurrency.

$1 Million In Bitcoin
$1 Million In Bitcoin

In Canada, QuadrigaCX is the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Firm. After lost of $1 Million, they faced overnight collapse. On the other side, CEO of QuadrigaCX, Gerald Cotten died while traveling in India. So that they got two stoke over and over earlier this year.

Users are filed Multiple supports and tickets on Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. At that time, one Canadian resident reveals that when users are asking for tickets withdrawal: Company replying to us to wait for a one or two week. Every time they respond with the same answer to different users. This time users are furious against the QuadrigaCX firm Officials.

About that chaos QuadrigaCX Interim President write a note on email. He said, “While we don’t have a specific update about this situation, our goal was to resolve this issue within the next two weeks, and we remain committed to that goal,”

Some users backed QuadrigaCX situation too. One of the loyal user Xitong Zau wrote an email, where he mentions the backup message to QuadrigaCX. He said, ” If only the customer support were better I think it could go a long way, and it’s not like they aren’t active,”

Also, Users want an answer about QuadrigaCX CEO’s Death. About it, He wrote that Reddit and Facebook are answering the minor questions. But the Officials don’t reveal anything about the CEO’s Death. Further, He Said, After this non-responsive behavior, people are held up their anger and give them a warning too.

Media have knocked on the door of Spokesperson of Global Affairs Canada. The spokesperson is under the government agency and manages public diplomatic relations about Lost of A Big Four Audit.

Sylvain Leclerc is the spokesperson of Canadian Diplomatic Affairs. He addresses the media after QuadrigaCX CEO’s Death. He said, “Our thoughts and sympathies are with the loved ones of a Canadian who recently died while visiting India. We are assisting the family at this tough time.”

Then he refused to reveal another detail about the Quadriga’s Death. There he put the citation of Canadian Law and said: “it is against the Canadian low.”

QuadrigoCX also finds ways to escape from this matter. They blame the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The Bank froze the funds to exchange the cryptocurrency payment. And that is the reason behind the payment delay.

Ontario Superior Court of Justice took custody about last year funds of QuadrigoCX. Judge Glenn Hainey Said that bank released the majority of funds. $70,000 US Dollars and $25 Million In Canadian Dollars. Last year, when the bank published the report in December, All these funding details have been disclosed there.

Thus, Those Long Delays to withdraw the funds and unanswered emails are the reason why users are lost patience.

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