How To Stop Netflix From Skipping Intro

How To Stop Netflix From Skipping Intro

Netflix skips the opening credits of some shows, including “Breaking Bad.” Some users want to keep those opening credits as they watch a T.V. show for the umpteenth time. Other people don’t like seeing that content skipped. It isn’t challenging to skip Netflix’s intro skip. This article will explain how to disable the feature, so you never have to deal with it again.

A simple solution can also be employed if you give up on disabling and want the feature gone permanently, so there’s no chance it’ll come back and ruin your next binge-watching session.

Part 1:

Fixing Netflix Skipping Intro Without Using Any Extra Features

The steps here are specifically designed for Windows 10 users of the Microsoft Edge web browser, but the process is similar for other devices.

Step 1:

Right-click on the Netflix icon in the taskbar and select “Settings.” This will open up a list of options users can set for their accounts.

Step 2:

Scroll down to Advanced Playback Settings, which should be at or near the bottom of your page. Open that menu.

Step 3:

Toggle off all three intro skip settings (Play Intro, Auto-Play Intro Skip After 5 Seconds, Continue Watching) by unchecking each box next to it. Once you’ve done this, exit out of Netflix entirely by closing it with an X in the top right corner or using keyboard shortcut CTRL+W (Windows) / CMD+Q (Mac). Reopening Netflix will show that all three intro skip settings have been removed, and the opening credits of your next viewing session should play as they usually would.

Part 2: Removing Netflix Intro Skip Feature Permanently (Windows)

If you try to disable these settings on Netflix, it’ll only last 24 hours before turning itself back on. You can use an extension like “Netflix Enhancer” if you’d like to make the change permanent on Microsoft Edge or other browsers, but this isn’t necessary. Instead, users can do this via Windows Registry Editor (Regedit), requiring no additional software downloads.

Why does Netflix automatically skip the intro:

Netflix makes it very uncomfortable for everyone to watch all of their movies and T.V. shows because the intro has already played when you press play. You can’t go back unless you click on the top left of your screen and “back,” and it also skips through all the previews, which are super annoying caus,e like, why did I spend 5 seconds watching them!!!-

Netflix doesn’t automatically skip anything, but if subtitles or audio descriptions are enabled, that may be why. This is a feature for accessibility for those who need text or narration on certain content parts, whether they’re disabled or not. It’s nice that Netflix wants to offer this as an option for everyone, though.) omg, thank you so much I thought it was just me being a dumbass for not pressing the “play” button!!!

How to stop Netflix from automatically casting:

Netflix automatically starts playing the next episode in an ongoing series in your queue. You can try muting your computer or mobile device to stop it from autoplaying, but that usually only helps if the video is paused.

Netflix doesn’t automatically play any episodes when you finish one unless you’ve turned on post-play, which lets it go to the next episode in certain shows when there’s nothing else on your list. You can turn this off by following these steps: -Open Netflix and log into your account. There should be a little icon of yourself (if you’re using a mobile) or yourself (using the Netflix website) at the top left corner of your screen. Hover over that until a dropdown menu appears with a few options and click on “Your Profile.”

-Go to the very bottom of your account page. There should be a section labeled “Playback Settings” with an option called “Post-play” near the middle of your screen. Click on this and select “Don’t play automatically” so that Netflix stops playing new episodes in shows after you finish one.

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