Swimming Pool Equipment List: What You Need to Know

A swimming pool can be a good amenity for public or private use as it can be a place to destress during the summer. But owning a swimming pool is also full of risks, so you want to ensure that you have the right equipment to maintain a pool properly.

There are different pool equipment to choose from, but you only have to buy equipment for properly cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool.

Choosing The Right Pool Equipment Matters 

Whether in your lawn or backyard, a swimming pool can be a nice addition to your house. But owning a swimming pool can also be a huge responsibility and ensuring that you have the proper maintenance equipment is one of them. In this article, we will unlock the essential equipment for your swimming pool, 

1. Pool Pump 

The pump is one pool equipment that you cannot afford not to have. It allows water to move through the other parts of the pool. In addition, pool pumps also help filter and clean the water in the pool. The pool pump helps ensure that the pool is always desirable to swim in. They come in three variants: single speed, variable speed, and dual speed.

2. Chemical Feeders & Purifiers 

This pool equipment is responsible for ensuring the continuous filtration of your pool water. It is a component that produces chlorine, the chemical that makes the water in your pool clean and clear. Aside from that, chemical feeders facilitate the even distribution of chemicals throughout the pool. 

3. Vacuum Head & Hose 

The vacuum head is the one that cleans or vacuums as it runs down to the bottom of the pool floor. It snaps into the end of the telescopic pole. The vacuum hose, on the other hand, is the one that vacuums your pool. The hose connects to the skimmer, supplying it with the required pressure to swallow debris. It is highly recommended that you consider a hose with a swivel cuff.

4. Filter 

The filter is perhaps one of the most important pool equipment. Without it, your pool could be filled with debris like leaves and contaminants. The pool filter ensures that the water is clean and safe, making it safer for people to swim.

Different filter variants, such as Cartridge Filters, DE Filters, and Sand Filters, choose the one that fits your lifestyle and budget. There are many websites like Mr Pool Man where you can buy these filters. 

5. Heaters 

A pool heater is an optional equipment to add to your pool. There are three types of pool heaters: electric, solar, and gas. Heaters are responsible for maintaining the appropriate temperature for the pool so that you can still swim even during the night or on a chilly afternoon. With heaters, you can swim your heart out without worrying that it is too hot or too cold. 

7. Automatic Pool Cleaner 

Brushing and vacuuming your pool can be fun and a good way to involve in physical activity. But would you brush and vacuum your pool on a hot summer day under the heat of the sun? You can free yourself from manually cleaning your swimming pool. Automatic cleaners can do the job for you. They come in three types: pressure, suction, and robotic. 

8. The Chemicals 

Although they are not machines or equipment, chemicals should always be included in your swimming pool checklist. They ensure that your pool is clean, free from germs, healthy, and comfortable. Ensure you also have sanitizers, enzymes, algaecide, pH stabilizers, and alkalinity stabilizers. Adding chemicals from time to time ensures a safe and healthy swim.

Build Your Swimming Pool With The Right Equipment 

A swimming pool can be a great add-on to your property, but building it is best left in the hands of a professional. Skilled workers know what equipment should be included in the pool for maximum results.

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