How to make iPhone notify you when Apple Watch is fully charged

Do you usually leave the Apple Watch charging and never remember to go looking at how the battery is going to remove it from the charger? Do you want the iPhone to notify you that the watch is fully charged? Well, there is a way: iOS 14 offers a function related to the sleep log that takes care of notify the iPhone that the Watch is ready for use. We teach you how to configure it.

The smart watch maintains a very close relationship with the mobile it is connected to, not in vain the smartwatch is a reflection of the phone. This applies especially to the iPhone and the Watch: the watch loses most of its functions when it is not connected to the iPhone. So, if the two of you stay connected, why not have the phone notify you when the watch is fully charged? Well, it is possible. Too bad it doesn’t happen the other way around.

Sleep feature on Apple Watch adds charging prompt on iPhone

Watch notice loaded

Oddly enough, it is possible to get the iPhone advises that the Apple Watch is charged through the sleep log settings introduced by the company in the latest version of WatchOS, number 7. The setup is somewhat convoluted and out of sight, but it’s not very complex either. So if you use both devices on a daily basis, and you use the Apple Watch to measure your sleep, it is worth activating the charging alerts.

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To make the iPhone notify you that the Apple Watch is charged, you must perform the following steps:

  • Your Apple Watch must be set to sleep mode. In the event that you do not have it active, you must adjust it: click on the icon on your watch and select the times for going to bed and getting up.
Setting the charging prompt on the iPhone
  • Once you have registered the sleep parameters on the watch, go to the Watch application on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Sleep’ menu.
  • Find the setting for ‘Charging reminders‘and mark it.

After the previous process you will already have the notice we were looking for: just leave the Apple Watch charging, the iPhone will notify you when the clock has full battery. This way you won’t forget your watch and you will instantly know when its charging cycle has finished.

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