Google Maps Releases Radar Locations and Speed Limits in About 40 Countries

Google Maps is out to roll out mobile radar locations and speed limit warnings in more than 40 countries.

The company reached the resolution to update this app after test-running the limit test in the United States.

Google validated that the radar locations will be mobile or fixed however the idea for the highlights is inspired by Waze, another company owned by Google. The new invention is available for both Android and iOS Maps in the selected countries.

Some of the countries where the location radar and speed limit device will be accessible include but not limited to Portugal, Spain, the UK, the US, Italy, and Mexico.

Some African countries such as Tunisia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are also included in the list. However, the features are illegal in some countries.

Users in some of these countries such as Switzerland and France have taken to social media to express their displeasure at such restriction.

Using an illegal app in France is a serious offense. Police are empowered to check individual’s phones in the country.

When they find an illegal app, the owner may be charged to court or charged a huge sum of money for owning such an illegal app. Even if the app is found in the owner’s vehicle, the vehicle will be confiscated

Although the Google Maps‘ feature is available for both Android and iOS users, some of the features such as a report for mobile radar location and fixed photo radar are available for Android users only.


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