How To Make Gifs From Netflix?

How To Make Gifs From Netflix?

Netflix has a fantastic collection of TV shows and movies, but the only problem is that you cannot download them on your system. So if you want to watch Netflix offline, this trick is for you. And it’s straightforward too.

You have to follow these simple steps below:

launch the Netflix app on your android/iOS device, go to any movie or episode from which you want to make GIF. Play video till the end. copy its URL Paste the URL in ‘save from’ website and convert it into GIF Save the GIF Enjoy watching Netflix offline:-) To check out more tricks like this, visit our blog section daily.

How to make gifs from Disney plus:

1. install any of the following apps: twice, Twitter, tweetmebuddy-Twitter, etc.

2. take a screenshot by pressing the power button and home button together(some phones may differ depending on their manufactures)

3. open twice or any other app you use for tweeting and find the picture taken just now and choose it to upload with your tweet. (be sure to leave a caption before uploading it)(you can also crop if you want to do so before uploading)

4. after uploading, wait for about 10 seconds, then check whether the gif was successfully uploaded(gifs with no sound don’t have an option of adding captions, so I suggest you’d try those until unless they have a sound)

5. if it was successfully uploaded, then you’ll find the gif in the photo gallery of your phone and save it to wherever you like, and that’s all!

How to make a gif from amazon prime video:

1. play the video until the end to fully load it; you can use any browser for this purpose. I prefer using chrome or firefox.

2. open the developer console or press F12 to open it. After unlocking, press Ctrl+Shift+I to enable Macromedia to flash player script(if flash is not allowed).

3. refresh the page then you’ll find the video link on the right top of your browser like shown in the image below.

4. click on that link and copy that URL, paste it in save from website  and convert it into a gif. Select one of 6 options if prompted (gif with sound, no sound,fps30, etc.) and press the download button.

5. after downloading it, you’ll find a zip file. Open it and extract using any zip extractor, or if you don’t have one, open cmd from the start menu, type cd, and enter this code “cd Downloads” without quotes. Press enters now, type 7z e name is the name of downloaded file), and hit enter, and it will extract your files automatically.

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