Black Clover: Cosplayer recreates the coolest form of Asta

The anime from Black Clover he’s making his way into a new movie. Episode 170 marked the end of the series on the small screen, but the entire fandom hopes to have more episodes when the manga original from Yuki Tabata advance in its chapters.

Now, a fan surprised his Instagram followers with a loyal cosplay of Asta in his Devil form. Although this is not the current transformation of the protagonist, it is one of the most viewed he has used in combat. After all, the boy trained hard to get more power from his AMD (Diablo Antimagia).

Black Asta is one of the coolest forms of Black Clover overall, and artist @kiru_dayo channeled this genius with a jaw-dropping take on bringing Black Asta into the real world. Complete with horn and a powerful anti-magic sword, this cosplay definitely puts as much effort as the real Asta:

Foto: @kiru_dayo en Instagram

When the anime began with its hefty 51-episode order, few expected the anime to continue to the point where it would surpass twice the number of episodes in its lineup without stopping.

The anime got off to a tougher start with many fans, but in the years since, it has grown into one of the biggest action anime currently running. What helped this boom in support for the anime series is the huge increase in experimental animation.

When is the Black Clover anime returning?

After episode 170 it was confirmed that the anime will take a break from the spotlight. However, the new movie and manga chapters give hope for a soon return of Black Clover. It is best to be patient and read the series on MANGA More or watch the program on Crunchyroll to support the creator’s work.

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