How To Dress Up As A Chubby Girl: 6 Steps

You can be a fashionista to look good. Sometimes the simplest clothes can make you feel amazing! The trick is finding the right fit for your body type and style preferences. If you need help dressing up as a chubby girl, created this list that will help.

Find a dress that hugs your figure

The best way to find a dress that hugs your figure is by looking for a fitted bodice and flared skirt. This will give you the illusion of curves, but the dress is not necessary. 

You can also try dresses with ruching, pleats, or gathers to make your waistline look smaller. If you’re going for something more formal, go for fishtail skirts over full skirts. They’ll flatter any frame!

Bring out the colors with some bright colors

If you want to bring out your best features, it’s time to put on some bright colors. Bright colors will make you look slimmer, younger, and happier. They’ll also help you feel more confident when wearing them!

If you want to look thinner, wear a color contrasting with your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, try wearing bright purple or neon green. If you have dark skin, consider wearing pastel blue or pink.

A lot of blacks are flattering on chubby girls

You may consider wearing a navy blue dress with black trim or a black dress with white trim. Black is slimming and great for chubby girls because it will make them look thinner and more stylish. It’s also an easy color to wear in public, which chubby girls have trouble doing.

If you are still deciding what statement to make by dressing up as a chubby girl, here’s my advice: go for something classic but different from the norm!

Wear a higher waistline to create a ‘waist.’

You will want to wear a higher waistline to create the illusion of a smaller waist. The best way to do this is with a belt or cincher accentuating your stomach area and making it look more defined. 

If you’re going for pants, make sure they have some stretch to fit comfortably around your hips. Wear heels so that when viewed from above, these items will appear higher on the body than they are.

Get some tight-fitting jeans, not too baggy

Jeans are a great way to add color and style to your outfit. However, you must ensure that the jeans you choose are manageable and fit. The right fit will ensure that your pants show off the right amount of skin without being revealing or overly sexualized.

Jeans should be tight but comfortable so they don’t fall while walking around. They should also be long enough, so they don’t show off any underwear when you bend over or sit down. 

You want something comfy but stylish enough that people won’t think twice about it being considered ‘artsy’ by others who might notice it happening around them! The best kind of denim material comes from an older pair worn out over time due to perhaps even just one season before selling off into someone else’s hands! 

Never wear loose, baggy tops

It’s not just that they make you look bigger than you are. They also make it seem like you’re trying to hide something. And if there’s one thing we know about chubby girls, we don’t want anyone looking at us the wrong way! The best way to look good in a top is by dressing it up with some nice pants or jeans and adding accessories like belts or jewelry.

Dress up in any style. Just find the right fit for your body type

It’s important to remember that no matter how large or small you are, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what style looks best on your body type. That way, you can still be stylish even if you are chubby!

For example, if someone likes wearing dresses, this is great because they won’t need much help with their wardrobe. However, if someone prefers pants, they may want help from clothing shopping experts, so they don’t look like a giant bag lady walking down the street.


The most important thing is to be yourself. Don’t wear the outfit or accessories if you’re uncomfortable with them. But if you do, there are so many cute outfits out there that anyone can pull off!

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