Homecoming Season 3 Release Date: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Not?

On November 2, 2018, the Amazon Prime psychological thriller series Homecoming debuted to rave reviews from both fans and critics alike. In May 2020, Eli Horowitz released the second installment of the series, which was again met with widespread critical and commercial success. After more than two years without a word, season three renewal news has fans wondering if the show will return at all. Eli and Micah have many plans for a third season of Homecoming, even though the show has not yet been given the green light to continue. The following is the current state of knowledge concerning a third season of Homecoming:

Homecoming Season 3 Renewal Status

There has been no confirmation of a third season, but showrunners Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg have expressed interest and said they have plenty of narrative ideas. After each season, they remarked, “We’re widening out a circle, and then there are whole new ways to go,” as reported by Digital Spy. That being said, we do have plenty of material for a third season.

When you leave here, we expect you to feel like they gave you the whole story and aren’t hiding anything from you. But I appreciate this enough that I would spend some more time in this universe,'” they continued, hoping that the audience would put their faith in them to find “new, exciting roads” to explore in the future.

Homecoming Season 3 Release Date

The average time between seasons in the past was 17 months. If the producers stick to this schedule, we may see a third installment of the series as soon as the fourth quarter of 2023. And if the renewal is finalized, that is a distinct possibility. In addition, provided there are no setbacks due to the COVID epidemic throughout pre-and post-production,

There are now 17 episodes of Homecoming spread across two seasons. We can only hope that this trend will continue in the years to come. Till then, I hope you enjoy this final season.

Homecoming Storyline

Heidi Bergman had worked as a social worker at the Geist Group’s Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a residential institution designed to ease military personnel’s readjustment to civilian life. Bergman has begun a new life as a waitress four years after Homecoming, but she still has trouble recalling the event. Bergman realizes she was misled about the facility’s true purpose after being questioned by a U.S. Department of Defense auditor about her decision to leave Homecoming.

Homecoming Cast

  • Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman, Walter’s caseworker who is employed at a secret government facility, the Homecoming Transitional Support Center.
  • Bobby Cannavale as Colin Belfast, Heidi’s supervisor.
  • Stephan James as Walter Cruz, a young military veteran and client of the Homecoming facility who is eager to rejoin civilian life.
  • Shea Whigham as Thomas Carrasco, a bureaucrat from the Department of Defense investigating the Homecoming Transitional Support Center.
  • Alex Karpovsky as Craig, an employee at the Homecoming facility.
  • Sissy Spacek as Ellen Bergman, Heidi’s mother.
  • Janelle Monáe as Jacqueline Calico / Alex Eastern, a woman who wakes up on a rowboat and goes on the search for her identity.
  • Hong Chau as Audrey Temple, an assistant at Geist Emergent Group, Homecoming’s parent company.
  • Chris Cooper as Leonard Geist, the owner of Geist Emergent Group.
  • Ayden Mayeri as Reina, the receptionist at the Homecoming Facility.
  • Bill Stevenson as Abe
  • Sam Marra as Javen
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Gloria Morisseau, Walter’s mother.
  • Jeremy Allen White as Shrier, a former soldier from the same unit as Walter and now a fellow client at the Homecoming facility.
  • Alden Ray as Maurice
  • Henri Esteve as Abel
  • Frankie Shaw as Dara
  • Gwen Van Dam as Mrs. Trotter
  • Brooke Bloom as Pam, Carrasco’s boss at the Department of Defense.
  • Sydney Poitier Heartsong as Lydia Belfast, Colin’s wife.
  • Dermot Mulroney as Anthony, Heidi’s boyfriend
  • Marcus Henderson as Engel
  • Jason Rogel as Cory
  • Rafi Gavron as Rainey
  • Jacob Pitts as AJ, who is exploring several new business ventures.
  • Lewie Bartone as New Guy
  • Kristof Konrad as Mr. Heidl
  • Fran Kranz as Ron, Colin’s boss at Geist Emergent Group.
  • Tyler Ritter as Lane
  • Mary Holland as Wendy
  • Jimmy Bellinger as Chad
  • Christopher Redman as Kyle
  • Johnny Sneed as Dr. Zamani
  • Audrey Wasilewski as Officer Donna

Homecoming Season 3 Plot

Walter and Alex had an explosive altercation in the Homecoming season 2 finale. The story continues on from those initial encounters. Alex is confused about her history when she arrives at a Geist party without her girlfriend. We may also deduce that Walter had a conversation with Leonard Geist the day before the party and posed as a waiter there. Alex watches in astonishment as Geist staff members get unwell after consuming tainted drinks. At the end of Season 2, Walter finds out that someone, probably Leonard, has left his file in his truck, and Alex is still groggy and confused. After Alex has given Geist the information he needs, he walks away.

It’s possible that Homecoming Season 3 may center solely on Walter. He got even with those who had pushed him around last season, but his future is unclear. We all know he doesn’t remember anything about the battle, his buddies, or Heidi. In the upcoming season, he may start down the road to self-discovery.

On the other side, Leonard Geist may become a larger part of Season 3 of Homecoming. He stopped Bunda’s malicious schemes, which ultimately saved the business. However, in the upcoming season, he will pay the price for his deeds. The scope is considerably wider than just Bunda, and the government may take a harder stance against them in the upcoming season.

Homecoming Season 3 Trailer

The show hasn’t even been renewed yet, so we probably won’t see a trailer for quite some time. The second season trailer (down below) debuted three weeks before new episodes appeared on Amazon Prime Video, so we may anticipate a similar release schedule for the third.

Where to watch Homecoming?

Homecoming may be viewed in its entirety on Amazon Prime.

Is Homecoming worth watching?

Homecoming is the perfect program if you want to explore trauma, memory, the heart versus the mind, and all the nice things to your heart’s content. Alumni are not merely acknowledged in Homecoming; they are included in the show’s narrative alongside current students. This results in a graphical depiction of both happy and sad periods, memories, and moments. This series will make you smile and make you think back on your own life. The series averaged 7.4 out of 20 stars on IMDb. The Tomatometer for this film was 79% positive on Rotten Tomatoes. As a result, you shouldn’t miss it!

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