Bloodride Season 2 Expected Release Date: Will It Return?

Netflix decided to branch out into Norwegian horror after the success of its anthology programs like “Criminal” and “Black Mirror.” Bloodride is a Norwegian anthology of supernatural short stories that follows a group of condemned people as they ride a bus to an uncertain fate.

Fans praised the show’s first season premiere for its unique storytelling, dark comedy, and gory narration. When will Bloodride season 2 be available to watch online? So, let’s jump right into the solution to this puzzle.

Bloodride Season 2 Renewal Status

As of this revision, Netflix has not confirmed whether or not Bloodride will return for a second season. Netflix takes at least a month for deciding whether or not to renew a show, after carefully analyzing its success during its initial month on the service. It’s possible that renewals will be delayed during this period. But it’s been over two years since the first season debuted, and we’re starting to lose faith that it will be back.

It could be a case of a quiet cancellation, or perhaps the series was never meant to have more than one season. Adding the Norwegian horror anthology to the streaming giant’s library was a nice touch. Six episodes of the horror anthology were released, and each one had 30 minutes of twisting, horrifying storytelling. The horror fandom that uncovered Bloodride regarded it as a hidden gem; it would be a shame if the film never appeared again.

Bloodride Season 2 Release Date

On March 13, 2020, the first episode of Bloodride season 1 debuted on Netflix. There were six parts to the whole thing. Each episode lasts for about half an hour.

Bloodride has a massive scope, spanning numerous seasons because it uses the very adaptable anthology structure that has won over so many viewers. Examples include Love, Death, and Robots, Criminal, and Black Mirror, all of which can be found on Netflix. Furthermore, we cannot discount the popularity of Norwegian drama among viewers. As a result, there is hope that the show will be given a second season. If the second season of Bloodride is picked up, it would likely premiere in 2023.

Bloodride Storyline

Each of the characters in Bloodride, a Norwegian horror anthology series, has their own story. The show introduced us to a mute bus driver who takes his passengers across a barren countryside on their way to some unknown destination. As each rider exited the bus, the stories began. While everyone on the bus has their own narrative to tell, their experiences on the bus bring them together. We got a variety of horror styles in the first season, from psychological terror to superstitions and ghost stories to gory slashers. The series contains a wide range of interesting characters, from a young elementary school teacher who is devoured by terrible demons to a widow who poisons her husband with toxic gas.

Bloodride Cast

  • Stig R. Amdam as Edmund Bråthen
  • Anna Bache-Wiig as Iselin
  • Ellen Bendu as Sanna
  • Bjørn Birch as Herr Kloppen
  • Pia Borgli as Margrethe
  • Simen Bostad as Marcus
  • Mette Spjelkavik Enoksen as Monika
  • Elias Er-Rachidi Freuchen as Odd
  • Molly Gavin as Sissel
  • David Haack as Georg
  • Jasmine Haugen as Unni
  • Benjamin Helstad as Otto
  • Dagny Backer Johnsen as Olivia
  • Rebekka Jynge as Kristin
  • Sophia Kaushal as Butikkdame
  • Karl Vidar Lende as Paul
  • Hilde Olausson as Fru Kloppen
  • Henrik Rafaelsen as Alex
  • Harald Rosenstrøm as Georg
  • Kingsford Siayor as Abdi
  • Emma Spetalen Magnusson as Katja
  • Silje Storstein as Helene
  • Bjørnar Teigen as Leon
  • Trond Teigen as Philip
  • Isabel Beth Toming as Oda
  • Erlend Rødal Vikhagen as Erik
  • Ingrid Vollan as Fru Kloppen sin vennenne
  • Catharina Vu as Bensinstasjonsansatt
  • Rj Wayne as Bill
  • Ine Marie Wilmann as Molly
  • Frode Winther as Rektor Ogland
  • Ella Indregard Yttri as Mari
  • Ingrid Anne Yttri as Trine
  • Ingunn Øien as Agda

Bloodride Season 2 Plot

There are tales of slasher gore, as well as tales of psychological terror, superstition, and the supernatural. One episode follows a city parent and her daughter as they struggle to adapt to country living. Drama at the workplace is the subject of another episode, while ambition, greed, and their inevitable collapse are the focus of yet another. ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’ provides a fresh perspective on the phenomenon of compulsive pet caretaking.

If the show is extended for a second season, viewers may anticipate more bizarre and disturbing tales swirling around the doomed bus’s occupants.

Bloodride Season 2 Trailer

Trailers for upcoming shows on Netflix are typically released one month in advance. There has been no word on whether or not Bloodride will be renewed, so all we can do is wait. While you wait, please enjoy this trailer for Season 1. If you’d want to rewatch all six episodes of Bloodride, you may do so on Netflix right now.

Bloodride Season 1 Review

The trend of anthology television shows is on the rise. Black Mirror, Inside No. 9, and Apple+’s Little America are just a few examples of a growing trend that shows no signs of abating. The Norwegian anthology Bloodride has finally made its way to Netflix. There are six episodes totaling roughly two hours, and while some of the stories may seem familiar, they are all brilliant and twisted in their own ways.

Some of the chapters are better than others, as is typical of anthologies. Final Sacrifice, Bad Writer, and Lab Rats are particularly noteworthy because they explore compelling ideas about greed, anger, and vengeance. Old School is the most unsettling of the bunch, while The Elephant in the Room is the slowest and probably the series’ poorest entry.

Lab Rats is a great example of a scene when the ensemble really shines: the heated exchanges between the characters at dinner and later in the glass room. In contrast, the actors in Ultimate Sacrifice manage to inject genuine creepiness into their roles.

Bloodride isn’t the best anthology out there, and it doesn’t quite match the quality of certain episodes of Black Mirror or Inside No. 9, but it’s still enjoyable enough. This is one journey that is virtually guaranteed to arrive at your desired destination, whether it be a spooky paranormal tale or a unique spin on Pet Sematary, and Bloodride has enough variety to delight anyone searching for a good horror anthology.

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