Pokémon: Charizard trades with Digimon Greymon in a fan artwork

I franchise Pokémon and Digimon over the years have often been associated albeit presenting substantial differences, especially in the design of the creatures that compose them. However, an artist brought together the most iconic monsters by reversing their styles. That’s how.

While pocket creatures are overall characterized by a simpler appearance, i Digimon they are full of details that are further intensified in their subsequent evolutions. Despite this, it is easy to combine some monsters of the two brands with each other: an example are Charizard e Greymon which both show an appearance similar to that of a dinosaur and which thanks to the work of an enthusiast we can observe them with an inversion of their designs.

At the bottom of the news is the Tweet of RJ Palmer, an artist already known for his contributions to Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, a film of which you can read our review. In the post Greymon takes the name of Greydon losing the detailed trait that distinguishes it to make room for some softer lines. On the contrary Charizard acquires numerous details and a much more menacing and similar to the original aspect of the dinosaur Digimon, taking the name of Charmon.

Unlike Pokémon, which is to date the best-selling franchise in the world, digital creatures do not enjoy such popularity but have recently returned to the limelight thanks to the reboot of the animated series, Digimon Adventure 2020, in which it seems that soon all the protagonists will get a mega evolution.

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