High Tides Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Among the many adolescent programs available on Netflix at the moment, High Tides (or Knokke Off) stands out. The May 2023 debut of the Dutch Netflix original series took place on VRT Max, and the July 2023 release was also in the Netherlands. Since then, it has debuted on Netflix worldwide and is quickly becoming a hit with viewers all over the globe.

People throughout the world are responding to this program because it is outrageous, dramatic, and disturbing. As soon as the first season concludes, viewers are eager to find out more about the show, including whether or not High Tides will return for a second season. Fortunately, High Tides fans are in for some fantastic news.

High Tides Season 2 Renewal Status

High Tides’ renewal for a second season came as a surprise to many. Before renewing a program, Netflix often looks at several indicators, such as the initial viewership and the subsequent drop-off rate.

It doesn’t take long for some programs to be renewed or canceled. Alternatively, months may pass before a decision about the continuation of a program is reached. Critics and viewers have had a range of reactions to High Tides, with some praising the show and others pointing out its similarities to other adolescent dramas and how simplistic the plot is.

High Tides Season 2 Release Date

A video announcing the show’s comeback broke the renewal news on Netflix Netherlands’ X feed. According to the video material, the second season of “High Tides” is expected to premiere in 2025; however, filming is set to begin in 2024, which might mean late 2024 or perhaps 2025.

High Tides Story

The tale revolves around Alex and his erratic girlfriend Louise, who lead a group of privileged and haughty youths, and how Daan, a newcomer to town, becomes entangled with them. Anouk, Daan’s neighbor, who was originally captured on his camera in the opening moments of the first episode, adds another level of intricacy.

However, the parents—particularly Melissa, Daan’s mother—insert further conflict and complexity into the plot. There may be more to her visit to town than meets the eye; she has dropped hints about long-buried family secrets concerning her sister and may even implicate Alex’s parents.

The second part becomes a major source of contention when Patrick, Alex’s dad, has an affair with Margaux’s mom. All too soon, these secrets will begin to leak out and ruin the perfect summer these kids had dreamed of.

High Tides Cast

  • Pommelien Thijs – Louise
  • Willem De Schryver – Alexandre
  • Eliyha Altena – Daan
  • Manouk Pluis – Anouk
  • Ayana Doucouré – Margaux
  • Kes Bakker – Matti
  • Jef Hellemans – Victor
  • Emma Moortgat – Emilie
  • Anna Drijver – Melissa
  • Ruth Becquart – Eleonore
  • Geert Van Rampelbergh – Patrick
  • Ini Massez – Angelique
  • Pieter Genard – Jan
  • Jasmine Sendar – Christine
  • Gene Bervoets – Jacques
  • Felicia Van Remoortel – Olivia
  • Caroline Stas – Claudia

High Tides Season 1 Ending

Everything comes crashing down after High Tides’ first season. The season finale is just jaw-dropping. At the beach club, Jacques passes away, and Daan discovers him. Guests at Patrick and Eleonore’s anniversary party “surprise” him, but a more sinister plan is brewing.

Although Patrick was not the one who murdered Claudia, Eleonore, who knows the truth about what happened to Claudia, devises a scheme to frame him for the crime.

It turns out that Alex stepped in during the altercation between Eleonore, Patrick, and Claudia, but he accidentally bumped into Claudia while she was on the balcony, causing her to fall to her death. As a result, Alex’s mental health has been suffering. A huge quarrel ensues as he shares the footage of Patrick and Christina making out with all the partygoers.

Olivia is so distraught that she bolts to Alex’s room when Patrick tells his buddies the truth about who he is. At Daan and Melissa’s tent, Olivia discovers the pistol that Alex had taken, and she uses it to shoot Patrick. We find out his fate after the season.

However, before anything occurs when Alex attacks Louise in his room, she leaves the party with Daan. Rekindling her relationship with Daan seems to be her motivation for severing connections with him. Louise also concludes the season by fleeing away and severing contact with Daan. Both the beginning and the conclusion of the season revolve around Louise jogging.

High Tides Season 2 Plot

After Alex and his father, Patrick, who has now passed away, come home to see the wreckage, we can expect the plot to start up just where it left off.

We don’t know how the characters will react because of the circumstances surrounding Patrick’s death. Furthermore, Christine and her daughter are shrouded in mystery, which adds to the atmosphere of tension and fascination. The contents of the bag will be revealed to the fans in due course!

Where to watch High Tides?

If you want to watch High Tides season 1, you can do it all on Netflix right now.


We are on the edge of our seats waiting for High Tides Season 2 official news because of all the mysteries and unanswered plotlines from the previous season. Keep an eye out for further information, and here’s hoping that the second season is just as exciting as the first!

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