Here we can download the new wallpapers of the event products

What an event we had yesterday. There were many novelties presented. Of all of them, in this article we will focus on the presentation of the new iMac, as well as the iPhone 12 in purple. Why? Why we bring new wallpapers that we can download.

Backgrounds and colors for all tastes

We are used to updates to different operating systems bringing new wallpapers to our devices. However, although less common, it is common for new products are also accompanied by dedicated funds and unique. This is the case of today’s products, of which we have collected all the funds, in their maximum resolution, ready to download.

The new iMac, in its seven variants of striking colors, offer us several wallpapers. 13 wallpapers to be exact, all with a very minimalist design and conceived to bring out the form factor of these new computers.

Another product with its own fund is new iPhone 12 in its purple variant, which comes with two new wallpapers: the variant for the light mode and the one for the dark mode. It is possible that we are already served in terms of new iPhone and that we are already looking forward to the iPhone 13, but nothing prevents us from enjoying a touch of color on our iPhone, whatever model it is.

These are all the songs that have been played at the Spring Loaded event

Clever. Whether we want to prepare for the new iMac while we wait for the reservation date or we simply want to renew our collection of wallpapers, the ones presented yesterday are a good option.

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