"He ran with his feet raw", the story of the man who went from prison to Ironman

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The state of alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic has meant, among other consequences, confinement of the majority of Spaniards in their homes. Some of the repercussions of being locked up at home it is the lack of physical exercise.

However, the testimony of Juan Miguel Esteban Aceituno in Acento Robinson shows that even in spaces more hidden the sport can make its way.

Juan Miguel entered prison with a six-month sentence that was later would become 14 years old for not admitting your guilt. "It was totally disproportionate," he explained to Robinson.

With 130 kilos of muscle, his running beginnings were not easy. He started dedicating 20 minutes to evolve in three hours in the morning and one and a half in the afternoon. “We had a tiny concrete dining room and patio of about 120 square meters. There it was spinning millions. ”

"My feet were raw; I was cutting my skins with razor blades"

The reason to start running was to run away, "forget where you were"But the conditions for this were not easy. "He would massage me and heal my feet. My soles were raw, " Explain.

"In prison, healing was so as not to die. I was afraid that my foot wounds would become infected, so I was cutting my skins with the razor blades. The first ten minutes I saw the stars, until my feet fell asleep, "he says.

Juan Miguel managed to “professionalize” his hobby in prison as much as possible. “The first years, the inmates and the officials laughed at me. Little by little, day by day and year by year I got demonstrate that if you have a mind focused on something healthy, you can achieve things. I got the mocking people to come to me for help. I made my own athletics academy in there, ”he explained.

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Sixth position in a race of 35,000 people

Seven years after his entry, in 2014, he obtained a permit and what he did in his first hours of freedom was sign up for a career in Aranjuez. He managed to be 70th among 35,000 people and the second, 6th. "I wanted to run in a straight line. But I was directly misplaced. I did what I knew best, run and not look back, "he explains. "The day I was able to run at Casa de Campo was brutal," he adds.

Years later, Juan Miguel met Martín Fiz, a Spanish athlete and director of Runners magazine, in a marathon, to which Juan Miguel had written writing his story. On his return to prison, Juan Miguel was kept away for two weeks for security.

When he contacted his mother again, she told him that the magazine was going to tell his story. “After the report they threw me out of jail. I managed to go home to my family. ” Now Juan Miguel is a 'personal trainer' and is dedicated to teaching children. "It is the best thing that has happened to me, being with them," he concludes.

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