‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, ‘Cinema Paradiso’ and more

One more Friday we went to our appointment with the best cinema which can be seen on Spanish national free-to-air television this weekend, with nine titles chosen today. I remind you that this is a personal selection where those tapes that I have not seen, have too forgotten or have already appeared in a post similar to this during the last three months, do not enter.

Friday April 9



Alejandro Amenábar’s debut feature is one of the most important Spanish films of the last 30 years. A remarkable immersion in the universe of snuffs movies commanded by a very solvent Ana Torrent. It is true that it no longer has the same strength as at the time of its premiere, but it is still very worthwhile.

22:00 at La 2

Criticism in Espinof

‘Without forgiveness’

No forgiveness

For many one of the heights of Clint Eastwood and western cinema. For my part, it is a film that has always been difficult for me to enter, but with the passing of the years and those reviewed, I have glimpsed – that I have not seen completely – that greatness that so many see in it.

22:00 at MEGA

Criticism in Espinof

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‘The iron sergeant’

A movie full of those lapidary phrases that we love so much about Clint Eastwood. In addition, it is a film with a comic component that makes it more accessible to the public, but beware, it also knows when to get serious.

22:10 at 1

Criticism in Espinof

‘Fly through the air’


A currently somewhat forgotten action thriller that pits Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones. The best part of the show is precisely the rivalry between those characters, but it is also an entertainment to rescue despite certain ups and downs throughout its footage.

00:15 at 1

Saturday April 10

‘Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’

Harry Potter

First installment in the popular franchise based on the novels by JK Rowling. It is, by far, the most childish of all and perhaps it is too long for what it has to tell, but it also knows very well how to immerse yourself in that magical world and that you become fond of its protagonists.

15:45 at Four (On Sunday at the same time in Cuatro you can see ‘Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets’)

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Sunday April 11

‘The Quiet Man’

Do not worry

An indisputable classic that I have to admit that I had not seen until very recently. In it you will find a traditional comedy with dramatic elements with a succulent gallery of characters who know how to win the sympathy of the public and has the behind-the-scenes stamp of John Ford. It is true that there are details that perhaps squeak seen from the current perspective, but it would be a mistake to focus the conversation around the film on them.

22:00 at Thirteen

Criticism in Espinof

‘Gran Torino’

Gran Torino

One of Clint Eastwood’s most iconic films of the 21st century and that would have been a finishing touch for his acting career. In it, he approaches the theme of racism to articulate a twilight story with touches of redemption history that works very well from narrative austerity.

22:05 at 1

Criticism in Espinof

‘Captain Phillips’


A remarkable high seas thriller about a collision. The intensity grows gradually until it explodes completely in its final stretch, something very well captured by the interpretation of a Tom Hanks who should have been a candidate for the Oscar for his work in this Paul Greengrass film.

23:50 at 1

Criticism in Espinof

‘Paradise cinema’

Paradise Cinema

An irrefutable classic by Giuseppe Tornatore that reflects the passion for cinema as very few films have achieved. A very exciting film that manages to strike a chord with the viewer.

00:15 at Thirteen

Criticism in Espinof

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