Harrison Ford took advantage of the Oscars to fouled Blade Runner

Harrison Ford has made a foul list on Blade Runner during its presentation at this year’s Oscars, but it’s a list that comes from the film’s early days showing to studio executives.

Very much in the style of the actor, everything in this review was cold, but he released it in a warm way, as he appeared on stage to present the award for Best Film Editing, carrying a piece of paper in his pocket with notes from Blade Runner from 1982. Then he began airing editorial notes and suggestions.

“I would like to share some notes, some editorial suggestions that were prepared after the showing of, ugh, a movie that I was in,” joked Ford before launching his critique session on the film Blade Runner, in which he acted as the hunter. by replicants Rick Deckard. “Very long opening. Why is this narrative so terrible? It seems like it’s stoned.”

And he continued: Were they all high? Dekker at the piano is unbearable. The flashback dialogue is confusing. Are you listening to a tape? Why do we need a third version? The music of the synagogue is horrible in the street. We’re going to use Vangelis. After Zora’s death, the movie is horrible. This movie gets worse every time it’s viewed. ”

Blade Runner already has several versions on the market, and continues to be viewed in various cinemas over the years, and continues to arouse more interest than its sequel.

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