GTA 6 will still take time to announce according to Jason Schreier

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We have been reading information about a possible Grand Theft Auto VI. And although it is evident that Rockstar Games will end up launching this game, because otherwise it would not make any sense at a commercial level, we continue without any official news about it.

In addition, although a worker recently raised the alarms, the renowned journalist Jason Schreier has assured that the announcement of GTA 6 will still take time to occur.

At least, that's what he has commented on Twitter, when he has answered a user's question. The response has been very forceful, in addition: "I wouldn't wait for news of the next GTA for a while.". It does not specify at any time if it has privileged information, but it could be understood that it is so.

In any case, it is not surprising that Rockstar Games does not want to show the next game in the GTA saga at the moment. After all, GTA V is in a spectacular moment. And the same goes for Red Dead Redemption 2. Both games continue to constantly update their online modalities. And the revenue they generate is likely to help, too, so Rockstar can focus not just on development, but even more games.

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Without going any further, a few days ago a possible sequel to L.A. was leaked. I will not go. That game with a vintage setting in which Rockstar Games presented us with a high-quality noir adventure. Additionally, the game recently had a remastering for current consoles (including a Nintendo Switch version). Therefore, it would not be anything strange that this had served as an appetizer for the more "immediate" future.

Also, we cannot forget another candidate, GTA 6 apart, who is nothing more than Bully 2. We have already seen how much of the information that has been coming in was completely false; However, there are many clues that continue to point in that direction (mainly some casting in the UK).

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