Griselda Expected Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

A miniseries is a show that only has a few episodes. It could mean a TV movie with a limited number of episodes, and “limited series” is also a term that is commonly used today. Most of the time, people also say “limited series.” The number of people who watch these kinds of shows has gone up since last year. You already know that this article is about Griselda, a brand-new American miniseries that will be airing soon.

This American crime drama miniseries was made for the OTT service Netflix. It was written by Eric Newman, Ingrid Escajeda, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Along with Luis Balaguer, Sofia Vergara, Andrés Baiz, Newman, Escajeda, Bernard, and Miro are also executive producers of the show. Andrés Baiz is in charge of the show’s direction. This crime drama miniseries is based on the life of Griselda Blanco, a well-known drug runner.

Griselda Cast

  • Sofa Vergara as Griselda Blanco
  • Alberto Guerra as Dario
  • Camilo Jiménez Varón as Rafael Cardona Salazar
  • Vanessa Ferlito as Isabel
  • Alberto Ammann as Alberto Bravo
  • Christian Tappan as Arturo
  • Diego Trujillo as German Panesso
  • Paulina Davila as Carmen
  • Gabriel Sloyer, as Diaz
  • Juliana Aidén Martinez, as June
  • Martin Rodriguez, as Rivi
  • José Ziga as Amilcar
  • Maximiliano Hernández as Papo Mejia
  • Julieth Restrepo as Marta Ochoa
  • David Piggott as Max Memelstein
  • Joe Finfera as Lawyer
  • Orlando Pineda as Dixon Trujillo Blanco

Griselda Plot

Griselda Blanco is known to have been one of the most dangerous drug lords among all time. Her name has always been mentioned in the same breath as Pablo Escobar, Al Capone, El Chapo, and others. The limited series will be about her life, but it’s not clear how true to reality it will be. If the creators don’t want it to feel like a documentary, they might make up a few things.

The official synopsis says that the show will be about Griselda Blanco, who started one of the most successful drug cartels. She was also a devoted mother, and her charm and ruthlessness made it easy for her to switch between her family and her business. She became known as the Black Widow.

Since this will be a biography about a man who did a lot of bad things, it’s likely to get a lot of attention. The show might reveal things about Blanco that we don’t know yet and secrets that have been kept hidden for a long time. We’ll find out more when the show comes out.

More about the real Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco’s personal life was just as horrible as her work life. She married her first husband, Carlos Trujillo, and had three sons named Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo. All of them were undereducated and were killed in Colombia after being deported from the US after serving some prison sentences there.

On another day, Blanco and her second husband got into a gunfight. In the end, Alberto and six of his bodyguards were killed, but Blanco was only shot in the stomach. She soon got better and moved to Miami, which kept the police from catching her. There, she got married for the third time to Dario Sepulveda and had her youngest son with him. However, Dario also left her, and in 1983 he went back to Mexico.

Griselda Release Date

Even though there is a lot of buzzes about “Griselda,” Netflix has not yet announced an official release date for the miniseries. However, fans of the genre and of the real-life story of Griselda Blanco will surely be thrilled to see the story of one of the most powerful and successful drug lords in history come to life on screen.

Griselda Trailer

Since the makers of Griselda haven’t finished filming the series yet, there is no official release date. If there is no confirmed release date, then the trailer has not been released, because they can’t release a trailer without a declared release date. When the Griselda trailer is released, it will also be on YouTube.

Griselda Filming Locations

Netflix says that filming for The Griselda began in late 2021 in Los Angeles and Miami. There is also evidence from behind the scenes that the entire series was shot in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Where can I watch Griselda?

You can stream this crime drama miniseries on Netflix, which is an OTT service in the United States.


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