Vikings: Valhalla Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Updates

When news broke that Vikings: Valhalla (2022-present) had been picked up for a third season, viewers nearly lost their minds. As the three heroes continue their journey toward the conclusion of the Viking Age, another century and another horrible historical drama are in store for the audience.

The second season of Jeb Stuart’s historical drama series was released on Netflix on January 12, 2023. The series was renewed for a third season in March 2022.

The conflict between the old Norse religion and the burgeoning influence of Christianity is depicted on the show, as is the growing tension between Viking descendants and native English. With the debut of the exciting second season, fans are eager to find out what happens next in the plot. Keep reading for a rundown of everything we know about Season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Release Date

The premiere date of Season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla is uncertain; however, it might be somewhere in 2024, between January 1 and March 31.

Season 2 debuted on January 12, and in February 2023, the series was renewed for a third season. New episodes will be available for binge-watching in 2024, as previously announced. Season 1 premiered on February 25, 2022; thus, if previous releases are any indication, Season 3 might arrive in the first quarter of 2024.

Season 3 had already begun filming before the second season debuted in January; thus, this timeframe seems quite possible. There will be no impact on production from the current writers’ and actors’ strikes, and post-production might wrap up in early 2024.

Vikings: Valhalla Storyline

The second season of Vikings on the History Channel is titled Vikings: Valhalla. The series is about the struggles of the great Viking race approximately a century after the Vikings. Christian and pagan struggles as well as the Vikings’ expansion to England and Constantinople are important themes of the show.

Leif Erikson, Freydis Eirksdóttir, and Harald Sigurdsson take us along on their harrowing voyages as they face off against fierce foes and the elements. The series covers the years 1002 (the year of the St. Brice’s Day massacre) and 1066 (the year of the Battle of Stamford Bridge), which marked the end of the Viking occupation of England.

Vikings: Valhalla Cast and characters

Although we do not yet have the whole cast list for Vikings: Valhalla season 3, we have included all confirmed and returning actors.

  • Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson
  • Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson
  • Frida Gustavsson as Freydis Eiriksdottir
  • David Oakes as Earl Godwin
  • Bradley James as Lord Harekr
  • Bradley Freegard as King Canute
  • Laura Berlin as Queen Emma of Normandy
  • Marcin Dorociński as Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise
  • Florian Munteanu as George Maniakes
  • Tolga Safer as Kurya
  • Joakim Nätterqvist as Birkir
  • Sofya Lebedeva as Elena
  • Nikolai Kinski as Emperor Romanos
  • Goran Visnjic as Erik the Red

Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Plotline

The third season of Vikings: Valhalla will continue the storyline that started in the second. Freydis, Leif, and Harald parted ways once again at the close of Vikings: Valhalla’s previous season—and this time, they may not be getting back together anytime soon.

Freydis took over as leader of Jomsborg after the deaths of Olaf and Harekr; he granted access to the temple to the citizens of Jomsborg and ended their enslavement. Jomsborg may now be transformed into a sanctuary for pagans who were displaced and without a temple, thanks to her peace deal with Queen Aelfgifu (Pollyanna McIntosh), the new ruler of Kattegat.

As for Harald and Leif, they have arrived at Constantinople, where the Emperor is willing to give them any wish they may have—they only need to determine what it is.

In season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla, Harald will likely remain in Constantinople to be near Elena, who is now the Empress of Constantinople, and he may even take a job working for the Emperor. After what Mariam told Leif, he will most certainly remain with Harald and may perhaps pursue more scientific education.

Now that Godwin has married Gytha, the niece of King Canute, Queen Emma will keep a careful watch on him since she understands his intentions and his willingness to go to great lengths.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Trailer

Thrilling fans rejoiced at the return of their beloved Norse warriors as a teaser trailer for Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 was unveiled on the Netflix Twitter page in February 2023, a mere month after the second season premiered. New adventures to uncharted territories, exciting conflicts, and the reunion of two main characters are all hinted at in the 22-second preview.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Rating

The historical drama series Vikings: Valhalla has quickly become one of the most-watched programs on television. The show chronicles the rise and fall of legendary Viking kings as they compete for wealth, prestige, and honor. Viewership and critical acclaim for the historical drama were both high. Both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes give Vikings: Valhalla high marks.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episodes

Season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla will likely consist of eight episodes, the same number as seasons 1 and 2. However, further information will be available whenever Netflix issues a formal comment on the matter.

Where can I watch Vikings: Valhalla Season 3?

Like the preceding episodes, this one is also available on Netflix.

Is Vikings: Valhalla worth watching?

If you like historical dramas, then you should watch Vikings: Valhalla. Despite its many flaws, the show is entertaining thanks to its compelling characters, compelling plots, and eye-catching imagery.

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