Google Photos launches a chat to make it easier to share your photos and videos without loss of quality

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Google Photos wants to make it easier to share our everyday moments, and for this it offers a new way of send photos and videos to our contacts much more social and familiar.

Now we can send photos and videos no loss of quality from the new Google Photos chat and keep a conversation with them as in any messaging service, all without having to leave the application.

Google Photos Chat

The new Google Photos chat comes to improve the current shared albums. Before, for each shared photo, a shared album with a single photo was created. With the new chat, they will be shared in a continuous conversation.

Google Photos It will allow us to chat with our contacts, like photos and videos, and save them in our gallery. We can chat with private or group messages if we are sharing a photo or video with several people.

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Google reports that this function It is not intended to replace chat applications We already use. Just offering a new way to share our memories from your own application without losing quality.

Google Photos chat will arrive gradually over the next week worldwide and on all platforms (Android, iOS and Web).

Google Photos

Google Photos

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