Godless Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far

Westerns were on the verge of extinction, but Netflix took a risk with the premiere of Godless and attempted to breathe fresh life into the genre. Scott Frank’s ‘Godless’ is a web television miniseries that takes place in the American West of the 1880s and follows an outlaw on the trail of his former comrade turned nemesis.

The miniseries had its world debut on November 22, 2017, however filming for it had begun in 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. ‘Godless’ was a smashing success from the moment it premiered, and many reviewers have even called it one of the finest new series of 2017. It’s understandable that fans of the highly acclaimed and award-winning program would want to see more episodes, but it seems like “Godless” has run its course. Find out below all we know about season two renewal and the show’s potential future.

What is the storyline of Godless?

Godless is a Western drama that takes place in 1884 and focuses on the ladies of La Belle. Due to a mining disaster, all of the males of La Belle town perished, leaving behind just widows. Roy Goode, in need of a safe place to stay, eventually found La Belle and made it his home. Because of his treachery, he fled away from Frank Griffin and his group. Griffin and his crew were sent away from La Belle when its ladies took up arms in defense of the town.

Godless Season Cast


  • Jack O’Connell as Roy Goode
  • Michelle Dockery as Alice Fletcher
  • Merritt Wever as Mary Agnes McNue
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Whitey Winn
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Iyovi
  • Kim Coates as Ed Logan
  • Sam Waterston as Marshal John Cook
  • Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin


  • Samuel Marty as Truckee
  • Tess Frazer as Callie Dunne
  • Samantha Soule as Charlotte Temple
  • Audrey Moore as Sarah Doyle
  • Jeremy Bobb as A.T. Grigg
  • Adam David Thompson as Gatz Brown
  • Russell Dennis Lewis as Daryl Devlin
  • Matthew Dennis Lewis as Donnie Devlin
  • Joe Pingue as Alonzo Bunker
  • Justin Welborn as Floyd Wilson
  • Keith Jardine as Dyer Howe
  • Christiane Seidel as Martha Bischoff
  • Nathan Darrow as Webster
  • Kayli Carter as Sadie Rose
  • Russell G. Jones as Hiram
  • Randy Oglesby as Asa Leopold
  • Duane Howard as Shoshone Brave
  • Jessica Sula as Louise Hobbs
  • Erik LaRay Harvey as Elias Hobbs
  • Rob Morgan as John Randall
  • Julian Grey as William McNue
  • Marie Wagenman as Trudy McNue
  • Marceline Hugot as Lucy Cole

Godless Season 2 Plot

Frank Griffin and his crew are the inspiration for this program. All of them wanted revenge on former gang member Roy Goode. Roy Goode sought sanctuary with a widow going by the name of Alice Fletcher in the little mining town of La Belle, New Mexico. The nearly completely female population of La Belle banded together to fight Griffin’s gang.

The show is really quite well done. The show emphasizes the typical difficulties, successes, and bloodshed seen in Westerns. By the time we got to New Mexico to confront Frank’s crew, we knew that Roy and Frank had settled their differences and that the locals were prepared for Frank’s attack. The story and premise of the program are really well-crafted and engaging. Envision yourself in a community where female residents make up the majority. Listening to it and making up your own ending is a great deal of fun. That’s a very cool concept. This is a fresh and original premise for the program.

Godless Season 2 Release Date

More than three years have passed since the premiere of the show’s first season on November 22, 2017. Now that the first season has ended, viewers can’t wait for season two. And what’s stopping them, exactly? There are a lot of people that watch Godless because it’s a great show. Fans need not be concerned. We’re here to fill you up on every detail of your show of choice.

Will there be a season two if Netflix decides to keep it? In all honesty, you could be let down by the response. Netflix has not yet decided whether or not to renew Godless. The premiere date for Godless Season 2 has not been announced officially. Some fans have claimed that the show’s performers and creators gave cold shoulder to inquiries regarding Season 2. Therefore, a second season has not been officially announced.

Godless Season Rating

The film Godless received an 8.3 average score on IMDb, 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 4.0 average in the Hindustan Times. The show’s originality was a huge draw for viewers. Everything happens at the front: treachery, farewells, deaths, evil, and kindness.

Godless Season Trailer

Due to the lack of official information, we are unable to make any claims about the trailer. No matter when it arrives, however, the trailer will be out in the next two weeks at the latest.

Godless Season 2 Review

An engaging story. The photography, music, costumes, and acting were all top-notch, making for an enjoyable watching experience. It’s undeniably one of the best Westerns ever made. I’d want to express my appreciation to everyone who helped make this movie a reality.

Where can I watch Godless?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Yidio, and Just Watch all carry Godless.

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