Bad Sisters Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And Other Details

Bad Sisters, Sharon Horgan’s newest comedy-drama, created waves when it premiered on Apple TV+ earlier this year, attracting viewers and reviewers with its dark but sometimes humorous take on the traditional murder mystery genre. The show follows the five sisters of the Garvey family, four of whom plot to kill the vile husband of the fifth sister to save her from him and themselves.

Based on the Belgian series Clan, the first season stars creator Sharon Horgan as one of the sisters, Eva, with Anne-Marie Duff, Sarah Greene, Eva Birthistle, and Eve Hewson as the other three. But will we see the sisters again next year?

Bad Sisters Season 2 Renewal Status

Several returning scripted programs, including Trying, Physical, Slow Horses, For All Mankind, Ted Lasso, Pachinko, Swagger, Schmigadoon!, and Severance, were among the shows that Apple TV+ renewed for a second season on November 8, 2022.”#BadSisters will return for Season 2 on Apple TV+,” was the official tweet from Apple TV+, confirming the show’s comeback. We were blown away by the audience’s enthusiasm for our presentation. I’m excited to experience the coolness of the Irish Sea once again. Thanks, Sharon Horgan!

“If you’d have told me three years ago that I’d be making a series about five murderous sisters chasing a man around Ireland trying to kill him, I’d have said, ‘Yeah, that sounds about right,'” Horgan remarked. The audience’s reaction to our presentation was better than we could have imagined. It allowed us to draw attention to tales that don’t normally have such a widespread audience. I’m excited to experience the coolness of the Irish Sea once again.

Bad Sisters Season 1 Plot

The deaths of the Garvey parents will set the stage for Season 1 of Bad Sisters. The girls’ parents were the only people rooting for them. One of them formerly had an extremely abusive marriage, and her parents helped her escape. Their brother-in-law had died abruptly, and it was later determined that he had been the victim of a local murder.

The investigator was set up, and he said that one of the four sisters was the ideal suspect. However, the sisters are also resourceful; they devised a plan among themselves and signed a pact to look out for each other while their parent’s absence. The sisters made the decision to escape the investigator despite the fact the situation was becoming worse.

One of the niches is shown in its entirety. If you’re looking to stimulate your intellect, go no further; this entire series is based on a narrative that teaches us how to rescue a buddy in any situation, even if that situation involves murder.

Bad Sisters Season Cast  


  • Sharon Horgan as Eva Garvey
  • Sarah Greene as Bibi Garvey
  • Eve Hewson as Becka Garvey
  • Brian Gleeson as Thomas (“Tom”) Claffin
  • Daryl McCormack as Matthew (“Matt”) Claffin
  • Assaad Bouab as Gabriel
  • Claes Bang as John Paul (“JP”) Williams


  • Yasmine Akram as Nora Garvey
  • Peter Coonan as Ben
  • Lloyd Hutchinson as Gerald Fisher
  • Seána Kerslake as Theresa Claffin
  • Nina Norén as Minna Williams
  • Jonjo O’Neill as Donal Flynn
  • Saise Quinn as Blánaid Williams
  • Michael Smiley as Roger Muldoon
  • Barry Ward as Fergal Loftus

Bad Sisters Season 2 Plot

According to the official synopsis, “Bad Sisters” returns for a second season with the same basic premise as the first: “A delicious blend of both dark comedy and thriller, “Bad Sisters” follows the lives of the Garvey sisters, who are bound together by the premature death of their parents and a promise to always protect one another.”

Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka Garvey are the focus of a life insurance probe after their brother-in-law, John Paul, died under mysterious circumstances. In one timeline, the sisters Eva, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka plot John Paul’s murder over his treatment of Grace. In another, an insurance agent desperately tries to prove the sisters’ malicious involvement to save his failing business.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Release Date

Although we have no idea when season 2 of Bad Sisters will premiere, we may take heart from the reality that it was renewed so quickly after the conclusion of season 1. Episodes may premiere as soon as the end of 2023, but we’d be more optimistic if they came out in 2024.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Episodes

It has been reported that the last season of Bad Sisters would consist of 10 episodes. The program’s organizers announced the news shortly after releasing the promotional video. On August 19, 2022.2, the first episode of this series debuted on Apple TV+.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Trailer

There has been no confirmation of a Season 2 trailer for Bad Sisters, but in the meanwhile, those who have yet to catch up on the show may check out the trailer for the first season.

Where can I watch Bad Sisters?

This is well worth your time and money. When the mind is disturbed, it may be revitalized and made more open by this. People may watch this program at any time, from any location, and it is accessible only on Apple TV+.

Is Bad Sisters worth watching?

The viewers evaluate the show based on the reviews and ratings it has gotten before deciding whether or not to watch it. Many people have praised Bad Sisters, and the series has garnered great ratings on both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, so you shouldn’t wait to start watching it if you’re interested.

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