Godfall: State of Play trailer focuses on weapons

Once again Godfall returns to show itself at a Sony event and in the State of Play tonight a long gameplay video of the first title to be announced for PlayStation 5 was shown.

From the information revealed in the video we learn that the online cooperative mode will support a maximum of three players (it will also be possible to play alone) and that the game world will be organized in four kingdoms, each of which corresponds to an element, namely earth, water, air and fire. The focus of the trailer was on the combat system, since all the categories of weapons present since the launch were shown (sword, double sword, broadsword, halberd and ax) and a series of mechanics such as the possibility of performing perfect parades and performing light and heavy combos. The team also reiterated that there will be no in-game content related to microtransactions and all pieces of equipment will be unlocked simply by playing.

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Before leaving you to the long video, we remind you that Godfall will be available later this year exclusively on PC (Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 5, since it will be part of the Sony console launch line-up.

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