Goblin Slayer Season 2: Release Date And All You Need To Know

Many Manga series portray the Goblin either consistently as a hero or consistently as a villain. Goblin’s unique trait is that he or she is immortal and will always seem young, even after a certain age has passed. Many Manga series used this exact description of the goblin. But if they steal both, they deserve to die. God the Almighty fashioned them in various styles. There is a weapon created in this universe capable of killing all things in this world. As a result, it’s puzzling that the Goblin Slayer is the only known species capable of killing goblins.

The protagonist of this anime series is the Goblin Slayer, the only person capable of killing a Goblin. Strength has something within itself when it can be destroyed by only one person. The Goblin’s strength far exceeds expectations. He has power over the five elements of the earth and can mess with people’s lives. Is this Goblin even strong enough to survive an attack from the Goblin Slayer? The Anime Series established a solid fan base with the premiere of its first season. After the events of the first season, fans of Goblin Slayer were eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite show, but they had no way of knowing when or if the show would be renewed for a second season.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Renewal Status

The good news for Goblin Slayer’s audience is that the show has been renewed for a second season. New images and a teaser video were revealed alongside the announcement at GA FES 2023.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Goblin Slayer was announced during a January 2021 Livestream event called GA FES 2021, hosted by Goblin Slayer light novel publisher GA Bunko. Studios have not yet said when Season 2 of GA Bunko will be available, but the show’s Twitter account has already issued a promotional poster, and YouTube has a teaser clip.

However, Funimation’s Goblin Slayer season 1 was announced at the beginning of 2018 and premiered in the fall of the same year. The typical time frame from announcement to release is 6-12 months, however, season 2 of Goblin Slayer has already gone over that mark. Nothing is written in stone at this moment, but it seems likely that the next volume in the series will be released sometime in 2023, with rough estimations indicating a summer release.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Cast

There is no set timetable for the next season, but the show has already confirmed its returning cast and staff. The following actors and actresses are scheduled to return for Season 2 of Goblin Slayer:

  • Yuichiro Umehara as Goblin Slayer (Japanese) / Brad Hawkins (English)
  • Yui Ogura as Priestess (Japanese) / Hayden Daviau (English)
  • Nao Tōyama as High Elf Archer (Japanese) / Mallorie Rodak (English)
  • Yuka Iguchi as Cow Girl (Japanese) / Brittany Lauda (English)
  • Maaya Uchida as Guild Girl (Japanese) / Sara Ragsdale (English)
  • Yūichi Nakamura as Dwarf Shaman (Japanese) / Barry Yandell (English)
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Lizard Priest (Japanese) / Josh Bangle (English)
  • Yōko Hikasa as Witch (Japanese) / Amanda Gish (English)
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Spearman (Japanese) / Kyle Igneczi (English)

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Plot

The protagonist, Goblin Slayer, is a courageous warrior on a mission to destroy all goblins. He rounds up a group of companions to accompany him on his journey. Top characters include the Priestess, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, and Lizard Priest. Get ready to learn every detail about the second season of Goblin Slayer.

Keep reading to learn as much as possible about the forthcoming season. Despite the teaser trailer revealing some of the new aesthetics of Goblin Slayer season 2, the subject of the show is still not totally clear. The TV show will likely stay true to the source light book material. The novel collection spans a total of 12 books. Therefore, the anime has a lot to play catch up on. At the conclusion of Season 1, the Priestess made this farewell address to the audience. It was said that the Goblin Slayer’s fate is uncertain because he is a pawn in the hands of powerful individuals. The Priestess may therefore be expected to play a larger part in the upcoming second season.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Trailer

With the intriguing lines, “I’m not saving the world,” the 70-second teaser for Goblin Slayer unleashes a flurry of explosive action sequences, leaving fans eagerly expecting the next chapter. I’m just mowing down some goblins.

Goblin Slayer Season 1 Rating

Both audiences and critics have had varied reactions to Goblin Slayer. Some have complained about the show’s violence, while others have commended it for its originality. The show has a respectable amount of popularity among anime enthusiasts, with a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDB and 7.05/10 on MyAnimeList.

Where to watch Goblin Slayer Season 2

Season 2 of Goblin Slayer is not yet accessible on any OTT service, as we mentioned, and there are no trailers accessible at this time. However, Goblin Slayer’s first season is currently streaming in its entirety on Crunchyroll.

Goblin Slayer Parental Guidance

Goblin Slayer is a well-known light book and anime series. The movie is only suitable for mature viewers due to its graphic and violent nature. The TV-MA rating indicates that the content is not suitable for anyone under the age of 17, as the show deals with mature subject matter. The rating was a result of the show’s graphic depictions of violence and sexual assault.

Before letting their kids watch Goblin Slayer, parents, and guardians should exercise prudence and think about keeping an eye on their viewing habits. Warning: some viewers may find the show’s subject matter disturbing.


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