Gina Carano will not return to the Mandalorian after her disgusting posts

The Cara Dune character would not return to The Mandalorian, at least not with Gina Carano as an actress after the latest events.

Finally, Cara Dune says goodbye to The Mandalorian and not because of a narrative decision, but because LucasFilm got fed up with the outbursts of Gina Carano, the Texan who gives life to the character and who for several months has been involved in controversy after controversy due to her posts on social media.

The last post was the straw that broke the glass, and they implied from the producer. After comparing the current state of American politics with Nazism, from LucasFilm, they understood that the thing was not enough for more, and they closed the stage of Carano with them.

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The actress had been walking on thin ice since September after first mocking trans people, although she was later “located” by Pedro Pascal and came out to apologize. However, shortly thereafter, he continued his controversial Tweets tour, making fun of people with chinstraps and questioning the North American electoral fraud.

Without a doubt, Gina Carano’s departure responds to corporate logic, but Cara Dune’s loss will be a sensitive blow to the Star Wars Universe.

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