Boruto 195: Kawaki’s new life, will he be able to abandon his preconceptions?

Now come to a conclusion, the Vessel Arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations led viewers to meet Kawaki, the Vessel that the Kara Organization had lost in a mysterious accident. Once in Konoha, will he be able to get used to his new life?

The narrative arc of the Vessel has added several unpublished parts to the original manga story, such as the story about Kawaki’s father or his first meeting with Jigen. Apparently, however, with the Kawaki Arc: Kara Clash the anime will return to adapt faithfully the pages of the work returned to Kishimoto’s hands.

Welcomed in the Leaf Village and in the Uzumaki house by the Seventh Hokage, during this new saga Kawaki will have to get used to one completely different lifestyle to the combative and distrustful one to which he has been accustomed since birth. But after a life of suffering, will he ever get used to this new life?

Nell’episode 195 preview of the animated series, shared on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump and reported on Twitter by the user Abdul_S17, Naruto and Kawaki deepen their new bond, which seems to be like that between father and son. The Hokage is replicating what Jiraiya, Kakashi and Iruka did with him.

Naruto takes Kawaki around town. The two go to Ino’s shop to buy a vase of flowers. How does Naruto react when the boy chooses a vase at random? On the way back, they cross Sarada and the others“. Entitled “Vase”, the episode will arrive on Crunchyroll on April 18.

The Five Kage Summit organized in Boruto led to an unexpected verdict, let’s find out. Excellent news for Boruto, higher salaries for the staff and higher quality for the animated series.

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