Ghostrunner, new gameplay video: the cyberpunk action arrives in October on PC and consoles

As promised at the announcement of the opening of the beta of Ghostrunner, the authors of One More Level publish a new gameplay video that reveals the launch date on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of their ambitious cyberpunk action devoted to parkour.

Between lightning-fast combat sequences and panoramas on sci-fi settings to explore in the company of ours cyber-ninja with a passion for parkour, the new One More Level movie closes with the announcement of the arrival of Ghostrunner on Steam, PS Store and Xbox Store for October 27.

To those who are only now approaching this intellectual property, we remind you that Ghostrunner is a first-person action adventure starring a lone warrior intent on restoring peace among the inhabitants of his gigalopolis. To succeed in his feat, the Ghostrunner will have to climb the Torre Dharma and reach the tyrannical Master of the Keys, Mara, but not before facing the ranks of enemies and overcoming the dangerous trapple scattered along the way.

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To find out more about this title, we refer you to our in-depth analysis on Ghostrunner between Dishonored and Mirror’s Edge, with all the analyzes by Antonio Izzo on the playful, graphics, narrative and content offer of the latest sci-fi effort of One More Level, 505 Games and Al in! Games.


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