Ghost of Tsushima: DLC available with Deluxe Edition bonuses

Sony and the developers of Sucker Punch confirm the arrival on the PlayStation Store of the Ghost of Tsushima add-on package with the contents of the digital Deluxe edition of the exclusive PS4.

The DLC is available for purchase from today, August 12, at a price of 10.99 euros on the PS Store by the current owners of the Standard Edition of Ghost of Tsushima. The Digital Deluxe add-on package includes the in-game unlock of 1 Technical Point, of a Amulet of Hachiman's Favor and Hero of Tsushima, a set of skins that includes a golden mask, armor, sword kit, saddle and horse (for the latter, creating a new save is required).

In the DLC there is also a space mini digital artbook of Dark Horse, the Ghost of Tsushima Samurai theme and the Comment by the Director, where the leaders of Sucker Punch discuss their collaboration with a renowned Japanese historian to recreate the settings of Feudal Japan that are the backdrop to the adventures experienced by Jin Sakai.

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In the video at the top of the news we are offered a preview of the Director's Comment unlockable with the DLC of the Digital Deluxe of Ghost of Tsushima. To those who follow us, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you will find our special on Ghost of Tsushima with the guide for the perfect samurai.


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