From Sofa Express to Silicon Valley: the new shows of the Twitch Everyeye channel

The new era of began in January with the inauguration of the studio for live broadcasting and the recording of video content. An important step that took time and energy; Your positive welcome, however, has repaid us for the efforts made to give life to this project. Could we have stopped here? Obviously not and in recent weeks we have studied new formats for the Twitch channel, and given a refresh to some classic appointments.

We therefore take the opportunity to take stock of the situation and remind you of all fixed appointments and new broadcasts, to which are obviously added gameplay sessions on the hottest games of the moment, evening marathons (and more) and coverage of the main international events. The complete program is visible on the home page or on the Twitch channel of

Every Morning – Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00

A chat with friends to start the day. We speak freely following the impulses of the chat, of current events, of the market, of our daily life. The most classic of Just Chatting, to start with the right energy.


Questions and answers with the editors, on the themes and topics that are part of our editorial line. A historic event dedicated to video games, followed by those focused on technology and home entertainment (films, TV series, anime, books and the nerd world).

Q&A Gaming – Tuesday from 3pm to 5pm

Q&A Tech – Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm

Q&A Pop – Thursday from 3pm to 5pm

Express Sofa – Every Tuesday from 2pm to 3pm

A program to answer the fateful question: “What am I watching tonight?!?“. In order not to spend tens of minutes browsing the catalog of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, our advice on the best movies, the best TV series, the best anime of the moment. Not without a parenthesis dedicated to “Get back“, to rediscover the masterpieces of the past.

Silicon Valley – Every Monday from 2pm to 3pm

The latest news from the world of technology. The products examined by the Tech section of Everyeye, the trends of the moment, the most important news. Occasionally accompanied by the “Explain it“, the moment in which Alessio talks about how the technologies we are talking about work: processors, production processes, SoCs, LEDs and OLEDs.

Most Wanted – Occasional cadence

A space of two hours, dedicated to the most anticipated titles from the community. We retrace all the stages of communication together, from the announcement to the present day, looking at the trailers, remembering the moments of contact with the product, analyzing the statements of the teams and the prospects for production.

Every Talk – Every Friday from 3pm to 5pm

Un classico Talk Show, in which we give voice to our guests, to talk about current affairs, video games, and more generally about our passions.

Voice Over – Occasional Cadence

Un Talk Show speciale, to interview the protagonists of the Italian dubbing: whether they have played the heroes of TV series, anime or video games, an appointment to tell the emotions, rhythms and mechanisms of their work.

We are waiting for you on the Twitch channel of, if you like the contents and want to support our efforts you can do this by subscribing to the Twitch channel, it’s free if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime and you can renew your choice every month in total autonomy and without any obligation. Among the bonuses provided for subscribers we mention the direct ads without advertising and access to the Telegram and Discord channels of the Everyeye Horde exclusive for subscribers.

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