From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 124 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 124 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Dreams to Freedom, Robert Hoss’s South Korean manhwa book, has captured the hearts of readers all around the world. In Chapter 123 of “With Dreams to Freedom,” the captivating plot of the well-liked Isekai series never fails to enthrall readers.

This future chapter, slated for January 2, 2024, has manga fans eagerly awaiting its release. The protagonist of the tale is Jung-min, who, following a lucid dream, awakens to the startling discovery that he appears to have slain Ha Joo-hyun.

The last chapter made reference to Jung-min’s meeting with another lucid dreamer and his resolve to learn more about the ins and outs of lucid dreaming. Jung-min’s journey, beset by perplexity and shame, takes an unexpected turn as he makes his way through both reality and lucid dreams.

The most recent devastating chapter of “From Dreams to Freedom” takes readers on an emotional journey as Jeongmin struggles to come to terms with the unexpected news of her father’s passing.

Siyun’s nightmares get worse as Jeongmin has to make a difficult choice that results in a disastrous breakup. As the story takes unexpected turns, readers are kept on the edge of their seats, waiting to see how this crucial chapter 116 event will play out.

In the previous chapter, Jeongmin discovered fresh details regarding the true reason for her father’s demise. Readers are now very interested in finding out if Jeongmin can save Siyun from danger in From Dreams to Freedom, Chapter 119.

When we first see Siyun in chapter 119, he appears to be in agony and covered in perspiration. Jeongmin notices his distressed state and becomes extremely worried, thinking he might be having one of his frequent nightmares.

As expected, Siyun then describes the menacing dreams she had. Jeongmin’s mother abruptly calls her before she can ask more questions. Her mother, who says she will let Jeongmin’s school know about her absence, demands that Jeongmin arrive at the funeral home right away.

Jeongmin asks Siyun further questions about his most recent nightmare after sensing something strange about her mother’s call. She makes connections between his dream and her mother’s mysterious call.

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 124 Release Date

To quell the intense anticipation for the upcoming chapter of From Dreams to Freedom, the announcement states that viewers will soon be able to watch Chapter 124 on television.  You did indeed read that right! On January 9, 2024, the 124th chapter from From Dreams to Freedom will be published. It’s going to be an exciting chapter in From Dreams to Freedom, so make sure you set your alarm clocks and make notes so they go off at the right moments.

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 124 Trailer

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 124 Plot

Chapter 123 of From Dreams Toward Freedom demonstrates In his dream, Jung-min will go up to Ha Joo-hyun and try to talk him out of his bullying ways permanently.

Jung-min will learn the truth about his family, including his relationship with Siyoon, which he has been hiding.

There will be more information about Siyoon’s past and the rationale behind her ability to infiltrate Jung-min’s dreams.

Jung-min will have to decide between facing the truth of his circumstances and staying in his dreams.

There’s a chance Jung-min and Siyoon might fall in love, but opposition from Ha Joo-hyun and others will put their relationship in danger.

Jeongmin longs to accept Siyun’s innocence over her father’s dubious passing. She needs him to tell her straight away that he had nothing to do with this catastrophe. Siyun’s doubt about his own responsibility limits him to apologizing.

Despite ignoring numerous prior offenses, a disgruntled Jeongmin decides that he has had enough and must go when Siyun is unable to offer any meaningful reasons.

Even though she adores him dearly, she can no longer put up with his constant pushing of boundaries.

Jeongmin finally realizes that her boundless capacity for forgiveness might possibly be a sign of a rational breakdown on her part.
She firmly reminds him that it was he who betrayed their confidence, harboring concerns that Siyun can never change.

After realizing she can’t depend on him anymore, Jeongmin says they have to split up. This news devastates Siyun.

He cries out for her to stay, making a frenzied promise to live a life that minimizes his presence so he never defies her again.

Siyun begs Jeongmin fervently to stay with him, saying he can’t live without her support. However, Jeongmin has made up her mind and is still determined to leave.

Siyun becomes combative and reminds her of previous commitments, wherein she pledged to always support him regardless of the situation.

Her very presence embodies all that Siyun cherishes; thus, he doesn’t care if she’s happy or not.

Jeongmin responds, exasperated, that she always wanted his happiness above everything else, even in the face of his constant wrongdoings.

However, it’s obvious that he never gave her feelings this much weight. She berates herself for being so stupid.

Jeongmin says she doesn’t want to be his property any longer and issues a warning to Siyun to free her. However, Siyun refuses to admit that she may have misspoken in her pledge.

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