Black Clover: anime finale explores the origins between Asta and Liebe

While the original manga of Black Clover Yuki Tabata continues the story of the series beyond the end of the anime This latest episode answered a lot of the big questions fans had about To stay and love from the beginning.

Liebe lived in the human world with Asta’s mother after being rejected for being born without magic.

These included the surprising revelation of the mother of To stay and its connection with love, the demon in your son’s grimoire. For his part, the devil also has flashbacks of his relationship with Licita.

The last episode of the manga adaptation showed that the demonic bonding ritual between To stay and love it required the former to completely defeat the demon in order to subdue it and use its power fully.

And it was revealed that the demon was named love by Licita after being rejected by the devils for lacking magic. This is how he was thrown into the human world where the mother of To stay He ended up sacrificing himself to prevent Lucifero from using his body to reach the world of humans, sealing it in the grimoire that his son found years later.

How to continue Black Clover in the manga?

If like us and millions of fans you want to know how the story of Yuki Tabata continues after the anime, we will tell you that the events at the end of the series correspond to chapter 270 of the manga.

Currently the manga has 287 chapters so it is the right time to take the leap from anime since the story has not progressed that far yet and you will be able to catch up quickly.

Thus, the followers of the anime from Black Clover keep talking about their final episode and all the revelations about To stay and the origin of his relationship with love who made themselves known. In The Truth News We will closely follow the popular series to bring you the latest.

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